Progressing or regressing?

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It's not unusual to make vocal commitments and then later realise that we are not going to commit. 

In reference to my blog on my 'Good Habits Challenge', I'm writing to confess that I made it to day five.  I didn't even get out of the first half of the 'excuse phase'. I know. I failed.

Or did I?

I felt the guillt as I carried on my days with excuses that not only met my selfish desires, but now I have seen that also brought about the reality of regression rather than progress.  

So why do we talk the talk but very seldom walk the walk?

I am a believer of this.  We actually see more potential in ourselves than we believe in. It's easy to say something. It's easy to confess the good things we do. But too often I look at my abilities and miss some very important disabilities.  We are all disabled in some areas of our lives.  I'm very bad at communication.  I'm very lazy when it comes to communication and keeping in touch.  I am unable to multitask on a laptop. And I have many more issues that  I would love to address and make abilities.  However, will everything I decide to do with my day bring progress?

Progress is measurable. Progress achieves and satisfies.  But regression isn't always bad. One thing I have learnt is just another way of not committing to a new habit. Maybe this time I'll keep my habits to my self and then blow the trumpet when my chosen habit finally makes it to the finish line.

Don't just confess. Don't just see. Believe my friends. And never give up.

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