3 lessons from 3 year old that will help relationship communication

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hello Paschal from Puredigitallifestyle.com I
want to talk to those parents out there

today that struggling with their
relationship and fighting each other

beating each other up swearing at each
other every minute of the day thinking

is a normal thing
no it's not I want to tell you three

lessons please now you're going to learn
from three-year-olds if you can adopt

this in your relationship if you can
adopt this in your marriage you will go

a million miles lesson number one learn
how to forgive have you been

across any three all around you have you
done anything to them they ask you for

something you say no and then cry and go
away did they come back to you you they

start talking about what happened no
they forget about and they play Wii U is

it is not heavy up in here no they don't
keep it that's how you should let go all

your worries all your troubles if your
spouse's partner whoever is wearing

training to forgive what am I saying is
if you're angry they don't know they

might know but who does it hot
we hope them know it hurts you so you

take care of your mind make the ship in
your mind and you know it's right no

mistakes they say something shift that's
not funny you drop your the next thing

is you learn how to communicate kids can
talk they keep action questions they

just keep asking questions after
questions on to the get an answer they

keep coming that's how you want to be in
your relationship you have to keep

finding out ways to improve keep asking
questions communicate each other

keep talking just keep open your mouth
and say something to your partner your

spouse your wife your girlfriend your
boyfriend wherever is just keep saying

something just keep telling asking them
how can this be better how do we we

don't have to be this way
campaigns work out cut with their areas

we can improve just let's leave five
communication because the more you

communicate we have a stress-free life
and it through who doesn't help it helps

you it helps your health it helps your
relationship it helps everybody around

it it helps your work
whatever you do last but not least it's

get excited Wow have you if you're a
parent and you pop or when you were a

kid when your dad goes to work and come
back and live in what did you scream I

run to the daddy you put your after he
will carry me how about if you are

topped that strategy in your marriage
how do you think it will work

anybody that comes into the house
whoever is in the house has to run to

the door and embrace that person all the

what do you think will happen you think
a relationship will be better I leave

that crystal for you to act so click
this if you like this video share it if

you have any comments put it down below.

thank you

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