How to Know A Relationship that Works

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Hey everyone, I am Steve Ekeh the co-founder of Changed Life Freedom, today i will given you hints and tips of a relationship that works.

First, we need to understand what is a relationship before we can understand which one that works. It is easy to say "try to make it work"; but the truth is, do you actually know about your relationship?


What is Relationship? For my own definition, relationship simple means when two or more people come together, abide and share a common goal or interest; a connection of people, group, association, by blood or marriage; a sexual involvement or affairs etc....

Now, we are focusing our attention to marriage, partnership and a bond by two people. There are numerous of signs and activities that will prove if a relationship will work or not. In this episode, I will be highlighting some of the things to watchout; and in the second episode,  I will be detailing it and providing insight and ways it can be encounter.

Conversations: Now this is our focal point; when couple always share their opinion together, speak to each other, have conversations togther. These could be crucial in any relationship. The foundamental of the relationship is based on this aspect, because when couple stick together and share their ideas, it brings base of understanding your partner interest; and openlyness; and dislikeness. Now, I dont need to tell you how important this aspect mean to your relationship, it open doors of understanding and trust. If you avoid couple conversations, i can tell you that the relationship will suffer in distrust and lack of real love either way.undefined

Argument: Now, this aspect of relationship will be discuss more in depth on second episode, where you will understand how to deal with aggressive partner and avoid argument. All relationships have an argument point or time of its disaggreement; maybe something they are not in common with or disaggree on; it could be simple TV programme or food stuff but either way, it does not matter. This will help you understand your partner or end your relationship. But my advice is read or download our second episode on how to deal with argument partner, aggressive partner and avoid split.

Well, more details on relationship, things to avoid; types of relationship to be focus on; advice of how to manage aggressive partner; how to make my partner show me more love; how to creating a good atmosphere for loved home; getting a real love out of nothing.

Thank you for taking your time to read my article and do not forget to subscribe and leave your comment below.

Steve Ekeh

Co founder of Changed Life Freedom

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