Relationships - Freedom From Within

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Our Greatest Challenge

When we are in any kind of relationship our greatest challenge is to maintain the vibrancy of the partnership for our mutual satisfaction and happiness.

Things get out of hand when our expectations are not met. If there is a communication breakdown then the friendship deteriorates.

The Trouble With Expectation

Yes, we are in big trouble when we are so inclined because we learn the hard way that in reality nothing is free. Everything comes at a cost.

No matter how many promises we make or how much we agree upon there is always a sticky point that is a bone of contention.

We Agree To Disagree

When the union is in fear of disintegration one of the parties may wish continuance and seek a compromise or even may suggest counselling to keep the bond intact.

Usually this arrangement may work but more often than not old wounds flare up again because our mindsets are tuned to promises being honoured not dishonoured.

So we continue but secretly acknowledging that this is just hopeless.

A Solid Foundation

We know what we want and we desire it to be pleasant and enjoyable for the duration of our journey.

The only way that we can have an enduring relationship is to fine tune ourselves to live life unconditionally, forever in merriment.

Any other way is fraught with danger.

The Inner Fountain Of Bliss

To create a charmed and extraordinary life all we need to do is call upon our inner being to be the dominant force in all our physical experiences.

For within all of us is this powerful energy that drives us to our greatest expansion to express our physicality in the most desirous and joyous ways ever imaginable.

There is no freedom greater than this for a fulfilling and enchanting life.

Everything Is Possible

For me the exhuberance and ecstasy of this awesome life are ever prevalent and drives me to be of significance to all those that are after a transformational experience to create greatness.

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