Take Control of Your Thoughts and Life following Abuse. Now.

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I know it's difficult to stop your thoughts. My ultimate goal is to help you take control of your thoughts quicker than I did so that you can start living life again the way you deserve.

OK...So you have been through trauma? Me too.

You had or you are in an abusive relationship? Me too I used to be.

Are you feeling fed up with feeling like shit about yourself, your life your work? Are you Angry about the whole situation you are in or are going through?



What's your life like now? Are you feeling unhappy and just want you and your life back?

Well, I'm here to tell you that if you are waiting for the time when you will ''feel'' better, that time will never come without YOU stepping out of your comfort zone... out of the rut or ''stuck'' feeling.

Are you living life on autopilot? 

You have to GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD! and STOP the thoughts. It's the only way to move on with your life and to achieve the happiness you deserve and seek.

The only way to do this is to feel uncomfortable and take action...NOW.

This is your life. No one else's and it's here to be lived in the way that you want.

I've been there. I've been controlled by someone else in a classic way.

My Story:

Start of the fantasy relationship!

  • I was showered with love and approval.
  • Then came the arguments. He changed his view of me. Wasn't happy with what I said, my behaviour my actions or anything apart from sex.


  • I tried to leave but he lured me in with that charm, pleasure and he leveraged his children my values purpose and commitment.

I STAYED. He hooked me and controlled me. My own thoughts of reality changed and I began to doubt myself and didn't know what to believe.

I LOST ME. I was unhappy all the time, no self-esteem, I was unloved, rejected, lonely, insignificant, in pain, waiting for his wrath and anger and disapproval. I felt like a prisoner. I settled for as near as I could get to peace between rages, being ignored, being told to shut up, blamed, provoked, shamed often in front of his children and others.

FAMILY and FRIENDS. Looking back he planted seeds early on with family and friends so that I had no support network, to protect himself in case I confided in someone. I had formed an emotional bond with him and a dependence. How could I then have any confidence to ask for help? He reported that I was irrational, crazy, hard to handle, an attention seeker for crying and not being able to cope. Alongside this, he was grooming other women and being unfaithful and lied. He reported I was making this up and told these women that I was like his ex's, mad etc...This lead to a replacement.  


TURNING POINT. Deep down I knew I had to go. The new woman was already living with us. I had to force myself to feel even more uncomfortable and more pain. Every part of my life had gone.

I was reading self-help books and questioned myself...

WHAT DID I WANT? Initially, I wanted someone to believe me, understand and be loved. I wanted my life back and me back.

I NEEDED TO TAKE BACK CONTROL but I didn't know how.


  1. I took action. I got out.
  2. My damn feelings and thoughts...they were still getting in the way. Driving me. Making me re-live over and over the situation, his words and causing me pain. It was exhausting. The emotional bond, my loss of my life, home, family friends fear of being rejected again in a new place not knowing anyone, how could I trust again? How could I prevent the hurt? No one would believe me... on and on. Tears emotions and use of alcohol to try and feel better and sleep!

A LITTLE VOICE INSIDE - VERY QUIETLY SAID... For F-sake stop beating yourself up. Stop it NOW!



I started to control and drive my own thoughts. Then came growth, the burden of him vanished and I no longer went over and over the same old, same old thoughts of pain and moments, words in my mind...YIPPY!

Then I forgave myself for allowing myself to be treated that way by someone else and continue to put myself through the pain. 


  1. Forgive yourself. Write it down, say it and repeat this when you wake and before you go to bed until you no longer need to. 
  2. CATCH your thoughts. When you have thoughts of the past or start to re-live and feel your mood change then connect with yourself and stop these thoughts. Catch yourself, be aware. REFOCUS. Change what you do. Interact with something new like a project, people that lift you, read inspiration material or watch inspirational audios/videos or just take your thoughts to new ideas, happy events or dreams. Replace those sad and painful thoughts with new, pleasurable and happy thoughts. Then Repeat, repeat repeat.
  3. The 5 Second RULE. If you don't stand up and follow through your intention, idea or impulse then you will never do it...You are in control of everything. You kill that impulse, idea or intention until you DO IT.

You can apply this to everything you do to achieve the things you want in your life and find you'll feel fulfilled because you DID IT instead of just being in your head as a fleeting thought. Give yourself purpose. 

My path is helping others achieve the things they want in their lives and achieving an income online. If you want to know more about how I do this then ASK. You won't know unless you ask me. Here is my website www.adelebooth.com. Or link in with me on facebook. I'm always here and listening. Helping others is my mission in whatever capacity.

Remember...When you have control of your thoughts you have control of your life. 

Sending you love. Please share if you know someone who would benefit from this.

Love n hugs Delly


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