The Secret to Living is Giving

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The personal development superstar Tony Robbins made this title popular by stating his frame of mind on what is the true essence of living an abundant lifestyle. In his book, "Money, Master the Game", Robbins finishes with a bang, saying that our wealth circle is not complete without giving something back.

His dedication to serving others, led him to donate all the profits from that book to an organization, called Feeding America.


Studies show that the human being is the happiest when giving, instead of receiving, people could feel happy far longer in times of giving.

Tony talks about an amazing life happening when he was in a time of desperation, with almost no money to eat, hoping to receive the money he lent, feeling frustrated and angry about life. He walked is way up to a restaurant, trying to eat as much as he could and absorb all of the abundance environment around him, when he sees a boy being a gentleman to his mom, opening the restaurant`s door to her... Tony was so moved by this young man, that he approached the little boy, congratulating his noble act and giving him all the money he had in the pocket. This act of giving proved to be the fresh start he needed to get his life back as things started to go in his favor from that moment on.

A true story of inspiration to all of us, it just goes to show that life is more about giving than receiving, that no matter where you are in life, whether you`re a millionaire or a broke person, like Tony at the time, there is always something you could do to make someone else feel better... even if it`s just a simple compliment, everybody deserves to be treated respectfully.

undefinedNo matter where you are in your journey, having your own struggles, remember that happiness is mainly created when you help someone, it could be a friend, a family member or even a stranger. You can enjoy the nice things you buy for you or your family, you may feel good for a while because you have a new pair of shoes or a new car but, after some time those things become secondary.

You can create as much abundance as you want for your life but keep in mind that without giving back you never fully appreciate what living is all about.

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