The Toughest Part of Pet Sitting

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We imagined that the Toughest Part of Pet Sitting would be the level of responsibility we carry for our furbabies clients.  After all, they are deeply loved family members who have been entrusted to our care!  Then there's the time pressure, we have rushed from pillar to post (from Bull Terriers to Collies to Jack Russell's, to Great Danes, Labrador and Persian would be more accurate) over the Festive Season.  Feeding and loving and playing and truly enjoying our furbaby clients.  Dodging the potholes and racing the thunder storms as we go, chasing sun up and sun down daily.

We have learned that every home has it's own idiosyncracies, between the remote that needs to be held at that angle and aimed there in order for the gate to open and / or close; to the key that should be wiggled gently to the left, a bit to the right and then turned; the alarm that is set using this symbol at the door and another in another room ... there truly is a lot to remember, not brain surgery level, but essential nonetheless ... if you get it wrong, the gate won't open, or worse, it jams and the furbabies escape!  The key breaks in the door.  The alarm sounds off and scares you, the furbabies and the neighbours!

The idiosyncrasies of each home is one aspect.  Bring on the furbabies and see their little quirks, says she with a belly laugh bubbling up within her!  The naughty nip of a teenage Great Dane and the runaway antics of the cutest, most mischevious and strongest lady Bull Terrier you ever did see - these things certainly make the days interesting.  Furbabies will be furbabies, this has led to chasing an escapee down the road, into a complex where she creates mayhem and places you on the receiving end of residents accusations of your irresponsibility because you are not walking your furbaby on a leash! To the foam strewn around the garden, evidence of a certain teenage furbaby having a field day destroying his smallest siblings' bed; who also takes great delight in slobbering and bounding all over you as you bend to pick up the pieces.  We have laughed so hard our faces and bellies have ached! 

We imagined that the Toughest Part of Pet Sitting would be the fact that everyone else is away sight-seeing in gorgeous foreign destinations, sipping pinacoladas on the beach, relaxing and rejuvenating whilst we race around, covered in mud, wrestle with gates and alarms and yes, even the furbabies themselves at times!  But no, that's not it ...

The Toughest Part of Pet Sitting is parting ways with the furbabies you inevitably fall in love with.  The tall ones, the short ones, the long haired, the sleek and the spiky, the mischievous young ones and the gentle geriatrics (don't tell them I said that!).  Daily we have loved your furbabies, caring for them as we do our own, nurturing, playing and cuddling ... and feeding, of course yes, feeding too.  We see their delight at your return and our hearts are happy for you all, but that happiness is also tinged with the sad realisation that our daily adventures with your furbabies have come to an end.  This is the Toughest Part of Pest Sitting, knowing that we will no longer be visiting and enjoying your furbabies daily ... Thank you for entrusting us with their care, we did everything we know how to ensure they were happy and healthy in your absence.  We look forward to the next time you travel and can't wait to do the racing, the mayhem, the slobbering and bounding all over again!

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