Want The Secret To Achieving Your Dreams?

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Steve describes how you can achieve your dreams through eight simple, yet powerful steps. Learn these steps and get into the Slipstream!

The Secret (8 Steps) to How to Use Your Time to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams

1. The power of “Asking for Inspiration” – The first thing to spend your time doing.

Asking for inspiration and guidance through meditation, pondering and prayer has provided me with some very powerful principles and truths. These “Principles of Power” have accelerated the rate my personal development and professional life.

Here are a couple of examples:

When Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield needed a title for their book of inspirational and motivational stories that They had compiled, Jack decided to meditate an hour a day in search of the perfect title. His approach was simple: he asked God to give him a title – and then he sat in silence waiting for it.

Nothing came to him the first two days... But on the third day, a green chalkboard suddenly emerged in his mind. He watched as a hand appeared and wrote the words, “Chicken Soup” on the board.

He contemplated that for a moment, then he asked what he assumed was God’s hand: “What does chicken soup have to do with this book?”

He heard, “Your grandmother used to give you chicken soup when you were sick as a kid.”

Jack replied, “But this book isn’t about sick people.”

The voice responded, “People’s spirits are sick.”

That was in 1992, during the recession that accompanied the first Gulf War, and many people were indeed living in fear, hopelessness, and resignation.

He played with the title “Chicken Soup for the Spirit,” but that didn’t sound quite right, and then it morphed into “Chicken Soup for the Soul” – and he immediately got goose bumps (what his friend Mark likes to call “God bumps”). Jack says, “They almost always seem to accompany an idea that is deeply aligned with what is for my highest good.”

He immediately got up from meditation and told his wife, who also got goose bumps. Then he called Mark, who got goose bumps, and our agent, who got goose bumps as well. By the end of the day the full title had emerged—Chicken Soup for the Soul: 101 Stories to Open the Heart and Rekindle the Spirit.

And the rest, as you know, is history for Jack and Mark...


Another Example, recently, just last week, I was speaking with an older friend mine who was struggling. This lady is a good as they come and has inspired many lives. She knows that faith is a principle of power. She knows that inspiration will come when you seek it. She has done this many times for others, and yet in her time of crisis, she found it hard to apply what she taught everyone else.

As I spoke to her, thoughts and impressions came into my mind of exactly what to say to her. She felt it and so did I. This came because I had been thinking about and pondering about her and many others for about three weeks.

Three weeks seem like a long time in the world we live. We are so impatient at times because of immediate gratification world we live in, and yet think, the exact words came at the very moment they were needed. We must believe what we will come in the very moment we need it. And it usually comes with an increase. You usually get more than what you were pondering about.

When it comes to the use of our time and our accomplishing your dreams the first step is “Asking for inspiration.”

2. Define Direction: Get Clear on your Goals and Dreams

Wanting clarity on correct principles and inspiration in life has provided the pathway to living a successful and meaningful life.

Getting clear on your dreams may seem a simple thing to do, but you need to “define direction” At this stage how you get there is not as important. That will come over time. You need to get clear on what you want. You do this by writing simple statements that define your direction and focus. Writing allows you to clarify to yourself the “Why” and the “What” in your life. I used to carry with me a small spiral notebook that would fit in my pocket. And when inspiration would come I would write it down. Now, with technology, I use a notetaking program where I keep my immediate thoughts and inspiration.

I also write in a journal just about every day. It allows me to write my thought and ideas. It allows me to get clear on what I am thinking. Often the first sentence I write is not exactly what I was thinking. It takes time to refine your thoughts and feelings and dreams.  I know someone who writes statements of truth and sometimes takes two weeks just to draft one sentence. It takes time to write clear, succinct statements when the truth you are seeking needs to become apparent to you. So, write things down when those thoughts come to you. Transfer that thought to your journal and then keep working at it until you get clear and have defined the direction the inspiration is sending you.

3. Inspiration must be followed by “Acting and Not Being Acted Upon.”

What I have noticed about inspiration is it can come in the quiet moments of pondering and meditation, but then it can come out at the craziest of times. And once received you need to act.

I remember driving home from work; I had just finished my master’s degree, life was good. It was about 4 p.m., and one of my favorite burger places was just down the road. I picked up this amazing mushroom burger and turn on some music I loved as I headed home. At that moment, out of nowhere came the thought you need to move to adopt your next child. It took me by surprise! I knew it was inspiration. It honestly took me back. We loved where we lived in the first home we ever built. Move, really? Because of my daily routine of Study and Meditation, I knew it was what we needed to do.

Some people call it a “That Gut Feeling,” I knew it was right. I immediately went home and told my wife. She was shocked and wanted to ponder and think about it. But, all in all she had felt the same feeling I did as I told her. So, we immediately began to make plans to sell the house. And you know the rest of that Story. We adopted our second son Isaiah three weeks after we moved. Everything just fell into place as we acted. Act and don’t be acted upon in life.

1. The Daily Routine
Consistency Matters! I will write more about this next week. But consistency matters. Consistency in applying correct principles. Taking consistent action on correct principles daily consistency leads to power in your life. (We will talk more about this next week)
2. “Five Action Items” towards your dreams every day!
Do five things that will move you towards your dreams every day.

4. Counsel with Others

So, I believe inspiration is scattered among us. Counseling allows you to access that.

Your capacity to not only counsel with those you trust, but also with those that are very different from you will determine whether you achieve your goals and dreams. The differences of others will determine your success. Those differences could be biological, cultural, socio-economic, political, intellectual, and emotional.

Counseling allows you to capitalize on the experience and inspiration of others. You must come to know and understand that this is the source of achieving even greater dreams and goals. It allows you to see things you couldn’t otherwise and see and is a greater source of principle and truth identification. And therefore, lead to solutions to the problems everyone faces along the path to their dreams...

Part Two Tomorrow...

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