I'm not impressed by my job anymore!

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I wanted out!

I don't know about you but I'm excited about what I do now, and it could easily be my last business endeavor. I really enjoy communicating with people and I like learning more about ways to market on the internet so as to reach them. But it didn't start out this way. Granted, I initially quit the company that I'm currently aligned with. I realized days after quitting, that I'd just blown a fuse. Things had gotten a bit much, and I wasn't doing anything to acknowledge that. Everything's Ok now.

I'm back!

I've since returned to my calling 'cos it's not like me to let a good thing go. My company is on the cutting edge of technology. It's systems and its appearance are really all I've ever been seeking. I've always appreciated the visually attractive. I'm being honest here; I am an artist, you know. I also love to write and be clear about what I'm saying to my listeners; it's a natural talent to be able to clearly express myself. One way I do this is to articulate passion when I'm thrilled about something.


However, internet marketing is not...

Well, it's not something I ever saw myself being passionate about until I became sick and tired of feeling sick and tired of being cooped up in an office. I'm not pumped about feeling like I'm missing out on relationship with my boys. I'm certainly not thrilled about working to advance the goals of someone else's interests that I don't care about.

I bounced around offices and locations in different positions. I would get so bored of doing the same thing day in and day out. Although the presence of people (I love people) made it a little easier for me to endure. In between office jobs, I tried my hand at freelance positions here and there but it was wasn't the answer I was looking for. You name it I've done it all, but never for more than a year at a time. I'm no spring chicken, you know. My time was running out!

I needed to do my own thing...

There was a lot going on in my personal life; kids, doctors appointments and who knows what might come up? I needed to feel in control of all that. How do women juggle all this stuff anyway? I did it but I was left feeling exhausted, stressed, cheated and out of my element. The compensation I received was hardly enough. I needed to get out and into something I could scale; something I could build a foundation on. I needed to have autonomy and to control my own time. I also needed it all to make sense, financially.

It happened when ...

I was talking with a casual acquaintance. I told her what I'd picked up about affiliate marketing over the years. My impression was that it's a financially scalable business. She immediately referred me to a friend of hers that was doing well in an organization that thoroughly educated its clients about the subject. This friend was aware of what affiliate marketing entailed. She could take the mystery out of it for me.

Six Million Mentor's get's it!

I look for integrity when deciding to align with a company, and the CEO's have certainly passed my test. This is a company that's got my trust. I always look for discrepancies when I first encounter a new system; It's due to my alignment with wisdom and my experiences growing up.

  • The company is at the cutting edge of technology so all you need is at your fingertips.
  • I love that I can work anywhere a laptop will fit, and that's global territory.
  • There is an impressive global community here so, you can exchange information and make friends. You need not feel alone.
  • Six Million Mentors comes with a very capable customer service team that is sure to answer your questions and solve your dilemmas.

Considering that I'm not the only one that's realized they need a change, the average student of affiliate marketing is in their late forties! I figure that if they can do it, I certainly can. Now, I can confidently say, I'm home.


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