Searching for a Sense of Significance.

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Searching for a Sense of Significance.

People need a sense of significance in life, it's a fundamental human need. One of the ways we can get it is by engaging with our fellow human beings.

I find that I can perform most daily tasks, however, without engaging with anyone. My washing machine takes away the need for visiting the laundromat because it’s where I live. I lose out on the opportunity to engage with my fellow human’s in that respect. I don’t drink coffee so I don’t need to walk to the local Starbucks or the Coffee Bean most mornings. If I did, there is an infinitesimal chance that someone will want to engage in a meaningful conversation but come on, it generally doesn’t happen.

I don’t have a pet, which is another reason for one to have daily walks around the neighborhood so, where does that leave me? Even though owning a car is necessary for some cities, it can be detrimental to a connection with people in that it takes us away from daily interaction with them.

It's just not that simple

When we do have the time to engage, it’s just not that simple or easy though. These days, the Internet is where many of us bury our heads. It’s not uncommon to see this done in places where we’re forced to wait for services like at the DMV or a retail store even at the local coffee shop. It’s sad but I’ve come to accept the cold state of things


For one thing, by allowing ourselves to be vulnerable means that we’re placing ourselves in the way of rejection. Rejection is a healthy part of life, It can make us stronger, more resilient but it’s also a behavior that we appear to hastily avoid.

So how does one flourish in this day and age?

It is crucial to shun the fear of rejection and to practice exercising the muscle of meeting and engaging with people and becoming more familiar with this art. This natural activity ia actually an essential one.

My work does the trick

I must say that one of the ways I engage with people is through my work at the Six Figure Mentors. It just may be the first company I've discovered that has no hype (that could be because it's an international company). Here, people are encouraged to open up and get painfully honest with themselves; the company actually asks us to get real about the life challenges we might be facing. It's the way that we can achieve success, by owning what we've done in so that we can see things clearly and then move on from there.

Yes, it's a digital company and everything is online, but because we all recognize what sincerity is, no one's gets by with dishonesty, neither do we want to. There is a customized global community that will keep you on track and it's up to us whether we want to engage with it or not. You really do get the sense that you know the members of the community too because you choose each friend you engage with, just like in the real world.

The good thing is we've all received the same training so we're all on the same page in that respect.

Reach out

I encourage you to reach out and nurture relationships wherever we find them. We may see that there's more to them than we think.


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