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Before I wrote the article about Alex Jones, I started on this.  This is more important in my opinion and I should have finished it first, however, seeing Alex censored was too major to pass.  If we can't speak our mind, what's the point of living?  Right or wrong, let each person be heard, and let them deal with the consequences.

Several months ago, when I saw the large island of trash floating in the Pacific Ocean, it made me sick to my stomach.  I recently learned that there are at least five piles of trash and debris floating and swirling around in more than one ocean.  Our filth has contaminated every part of this, air and sea.

What have we done and what are we doing?  We were given the Gift of Life and a beautiful, amazing place to live and learn.  We were given everything we would ever need with natural resources to provide housing, food and clothing.  Most have taken the Gift of Life for granted and some even believe they are entitled to and deserve more than others based on skin tone and hair texture.  It's laughable but true.

Those in positions of authority are abusing that authority.  They are treating humans worse than animals.  I have never allowed myself to fully imagine the abuse that takes place in prisons.  I know it's hell on earth and most don't deserve the treatment they receive.  Those in power who abuse others under their authority will reap what they have sown.  Those who kill and torture others because they look different than them are one of the worst kinds of humans, and I hesitate to call them human.

The absolute worst are those who wreak havoc and destruction among their own people.  Those with no sense of respect or loyalty to their own tribe are the weakest and most pathetic of all.  Your people have to defend themselves from outsiders and also have to keep an eye on you.  You don't deserve to be in the circle.  In April when I read about the three students being dissolved in acid, I couldn't imagine what type of "human" it would take to do that to another person.  

I wrote this because I can't pretend I don't see what's going on.  It affects me everyday.  Politics, sports, music, money and entertainment is not enough to divert my attention.  I'm still working on being my best self, while the ugly reel of reality runs through the back of my mind.  Someone is hurting somewhere.  

The State of Affairs is dismal, but I have Faith.  The Light will be separated from Darkness. Righteousness will prevail, and there will be Peace on earth.


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