Yes! Done What I've Set Out To Do Brisbane

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Going to Momentum day... No need to ask this year.  Where as, in the Inaugural Australian Momentum Day there was this question. Prompting quietly with an open, friendly hands, the choice was a suggestion to be there.

First thing packed was the camera.  I could walk around and take photos of a place much changed now.  Wow, what an experience. Although the feeling of being one person in a strange place was present a step towards achieving managed behaviour had been to duck tape gag the pigeon of doubt whispering sweet nothing in my ears.

Then came the "Momentum Day in Melbourne  Are you going to be there?" Question. Melbourne was a familiar place of sorts.  Instantly the previously made decision was overturned and out came "Yes!"  Takk about bedazzling and well worth the effort.  People familiar with  from the Momentum Day in Sydney.  With a challenge what was offered to those adventurous souls afterwards.

That challenge morphed into what we were warned may happen.  So many skills were enlargened on.  The next challenge had a severe toning down of what I 'expected' to achieve. Rather than as before end up leaving clutter,the challenges journey has become ongoing. There are outcomes that are still being finalised from the Melbourne original challenge.  What an inspiring journey that whole attendance was. 

Strangely enough, the date for the 2016 one was set in the calendar before arriving home.  This time would be another state somewhere in Australia.  The ticket carefully money set aside.

Okay, the bag is not quite packed.  Yet.  Accommodation sorted. The plane trip there - one way.  Just because the trip back is an adventure of public transports train and bus hoping and filled with people.  Strangers I have not met yet!  Yes!I'vedonewhatseto todo

Spending a few days either side just taking photos of the atmosphere, energy within the Gold Coast, the places, plants buildings, textures within the world.

I've done it.  And it's more than just 'Going to Brisbane Momentum Day'. The whole thing is about personal growth. Meeting life head-on while enjoying life's thoroughfare wind in the face head on.

Some of the people I know have reached out, achieving managed behaviours gently.  Most have struggled as the foundations for change were left rough and raw. When they went back time and time again the edges had become familiar. Have began to look invitingly 'personally fitted' with constant use. Growing use to the changes which had begun to take a life of their own on now. 

Susan Lewis YES! I've Done What I set Out to Do. Brisbane Momentum Day 2016.  Autism As A Gift has conqurered one more thingBasically, the 'vehicle' used to achieve and manage behaviours had now are familiar personally proposed controls.  The road map incorporated even had choices for a few of life's new directions to emerge.

Gradually achieving lifestyle changes as well through smaller outcome stepping stones being recognised and related too.

In the comments section below there is room to place one forward moving stepping stone behaviour 'thing' you have noticed 'change' for you this week.

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