You Time...

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Do you schedule "you time" into your week?  You should do...

Too long have I / we used the expression, we'll do it when...

When what?

  • When we can afford it..
  • When we have the time
  • when the kids have grown up
  • when the kids are married 
  • when we have grandchildren

The "whenwe's " are interminable, they go on for ever, unless you put a stop to them... and it is very important that you do put a stop to them, otherwise they will crush your dreams and demotivate you.


Now, I am not suggesting you live beyond your means or spend so much time having fun that you never get any work done... there is a thing called balance, and you really should try to achieve that in your life, in all areas of your life...

You cannot have Champagne eyes with lemonade income, but you can have reasonable time off and make it has to be fun.

Have Fun

For example Judi ( My Wife) and I have always wanted to learn to dance.

undefinedSo on Tuesday evenings we go to a large local working mans club, where there is a modern dance group who are willing to help newcomers to get going ... the music is great and the dancing is fun.

The people are friendly and every one dances with every one else ... we love it ...

We have a fish n chip supper before we go, it is fast and easy as we both have stuff going on on Tuesdays in the day.

We then get to the club for 7.15 have a 1/2 hour lesson then the dancing really starts.

We dance up to 10.30...

It costs us £3.00 each to get in and the cost of the petrol... not exactly going to break the bank... and the time we spend together and with our new friends is fantastic we just love it.

Talking of new Friends we have just spent a weekend away with my friends on #truckmateuk.

Well I say a weekend, we spent Saturday night away.

undefinedTruckmate In Blackpool 

Truckmate Uk is a forum I help to run on Facebook. It started as a reaction to the unhappy groups on Facebook that have truckers bitching and moaning about others, slagging firms off not being very helpful to new drivers or foreign visitors/drivers, who, after all are just drivers like us trying to earn a living.

A few of us meet at Truckfest earlier this year, and on the anniversary of the formation of the group we held an away day party. ( Piss up) In Blackpool. The Las Vegas of the North...

Was this anything other than a fun trip out? No it was purely a fun n frivol trip, no other reason to go.

undefinedMy wife was nervous, she had not met any of the guys we were meeting up with. She really need not have worried, everyone made her really welcome, and she fitted in great, we had a fabulous time, with friends we had only just met...

I Haven't Got Time To Have Fun... 

Seriously... Seriously? I know, I used to have that attitude, and it really did not serve me very well.

Look I get it OK. I run a couple of business's and have a busy day job. My wife has her business and a full time job too, so we are busy... but you know I came to realise about 3 years ago that time was slipping away... If I did not have fun now when would I?

Delayed Gratification 

We used to practice this when we were building our Amway business... it kind of served us at the time, but all that work and no respite just put a barrier between my wife and I ... yes we were trying to make something for our future... BUT If we were hating each other and having no future together what was the point?

I hope you get the important point here, life is a fun thing to be enjoyed with our partners and friends, and this is so much more important than any money we make or "things" we sell.

I heard a quote today about "enlightenment"

How do you know or how can you tell when you are enlightened... or what is it to be enlightened?

When you are hungry ... You Eat

When you are tired You SLEEP

and it really is that simple... be present in the now, live the life you were meant to live ~ NOW

Thanks for reading this blog... if I can help you in anyway please get in touch... but in the meantime 

Take time with the ones you love, to enjoy the life you are in ~ NOW 

Best wishes 

Steve Greenhalgh