Rowena Bennett

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Transformation through Kindness and Connection to find Freedom.

Hi, I'm Rowena.

I am a Digital Marketing business owner - running my own show, being my own boss, working the hours that suit me and spending more time doing the things that I love to do.

​For many years and for many reasons I struggled with self acceptance and I lived with self doubt and self sabotaging behaviours. I can point to so many times throughout my life where I have made decisions - big and small - that have served only to undermine my ability to achieve success. For much of my adult life I have been seeking a solution without fully understanding the problem. All of this has stopped me from creating the life that I love.

In more recent years a range of circumstances have unfolded which has enabled me to find that understanding and to resolve the problem. I have found my freedom and I know what success looks like for me. I found this through the training platform that got me started on this journey to being a Digital Marketing entrepreneur. There is so much more to the platform than just learning digital skills. It is a transformative journey that has inspired me and changed me in so many ways.

I now find myself with a broad range of business skills having run a highly successful mortgage broking business for 6 years - selling at a large profit, as well as having a successful career as a Project Manager and Senior Business Analyst in the finance industry for 20 years - and now I can add to that kit the Digital Marketing skills that I need to create this superbly flexible work that I love. I am in exactly the right place for me and I'd love for the same transformation to unfold for you.