Sanjay Chhabra

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I grew up with my two sisters in a happy middle-class family in India. My parents believed and lived the belief that education and hard-work were the keys to a better life. That became the foundation on which I built the rest of my life, adding to the list of values as I went along. Here I want to share my journey and the handy values or ‘life hacks’ that I discovered.
I have had the privilege of working in several countries doing a host of interesting things, which allowed me to observe and appreciate the diversity of the various cultures. I learned that differences can as easily be celebrated as they can be shunned. Having trained as a Chartered Accountant (CPA) in India and MBA (finance) in the US. I worked in the US as a management consultant with one the big four accounting firms helping companies restructure their operations. The biggest challenges were always to ensure that people involved felt that they had been heard and to the best of my ability, accommodated in the final structure. Empathy was a nugget that came my way here. After that, I moved to India and became an entrepreneur. I owned and operated a chain of ten-pin bowling centers and a night club. This was a completely new experience for me and I realized how authority and responsibility went hand in hand and that one without the other was destructive.
After a decade of doing that, I returned to the corporate world as part of the top management of a $4 Billion information technology company in India as the deputy CFO. The biggest learning here was that surrounding yourself with people smarter than oneself is highly enriching. Five years on, I now live and work in Singapore and am an internet marketer. This allows me to follow my passion of creating and sharing life hacks with people, to make good money without sacrificing quality time with my wife and two lovely kids, travel and play golf & cricket. I look forward to the next twenty years to demonstrate to others how possible it is to follow your dreams, fulfill your life’s purpose and be financially and spiritually evolved. This is what I wish for everyone!!