It Is Only You Who Can Limit Yourself!

by Misheck Moyo Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement
Your present circumstances do not determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.  Your only limit is your soul.”  I feel this can apply to anything we do in our lives; whether it is writing, singing, cooking, dancing, photographing, you name it, if you do it with your heart and soul then that is what matters!  It is in your moments of decision that you shape your destiny. The best thing you can ever do for yourself is ...
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The New Age of Education

by Sam Cook Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement, Reference and Education
With an abundance of information available, possibilities have been opened up that were, in the past, only reserved for a few lucky enough to be within earshot of experts. Utilising the right system and the support of a likeminded community can give us the quicker, better & more efficient results from the ventures we pursue in life. It seems even the most traditional of knowledge has been blown wide open by the internet. The Age of Education has well and truly ...
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It's never too late to change your life

by Michael Larder Self Improvement
If you have got to a stage in your life where you feel as though you haven’t accomplished anything, you regret wasting the years that have gone by and you can’t see any hope for the future…. then I’m here to tell that its never too late to change your life. I was one of those people.. I wasted my school years by getting involved with the wrong crowd, I ended up becoming a drug user aged only 14 and I ...
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Woman Behind the Plastic Mask - Who is the Real Me?

by Christine Craven Health and Fitness, Self Improvement, Home and Family
Woman Behind the Plastic Mask – Who is the Real Me  When I was writing the Article Woman Behind the Plastic Mask, it made me think about the different masks we all wear on a daily and even minute by minute basis. When I break down my different roles and masks, often several in a day, the list soon mounts up and, for each role, we need to wear a different one. Mother, carer, partner, cook, cleaner, therapist, counsellor, advisor, driver, shopper, ...
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Making Adjustments

by Zoe Badger Self Improvement
Hello Everyone, Well today was my first day back in my 9-5 and I have had to adjust my schedule accordingly so that I can fit in all the aspects of this challenge I have set myself. So, to start with I was up at 6am got a cup of tea and set up my day then around 6.20am (ish) I did my workout for 3 rounds with a 60 second break in between which consisted of: ·         10 squats ·         20 mountain climbers ·         ...
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Refocus your lens

by Caroline Antonia Arts and Entertainment, Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement, Writing and Speaking
Look at the closest window to you, to the pane, noticing any water marks or scratches. Now look through it, to the scene behind. Readjusting your focus to behold something that was always there, just unobserved. A new reality. You just refocused your vision, as if a tiny person residing in your retina, responding to your command, twisted the bulky black tubular lenses of your eyes, like a pair of binoculars – only much faster, the equipment: much smaller – to alter your ...
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Embracing Change - "What happened to my eyes!?"

by Madina Baalawi Health and Fitness, Self Improvement, Home and Family
“Change is the only constant in life” – Heraclitus It was a week after my 40th birthday. I woke up that fine morning and went through my daily routine; getting my daughter ready for school, checking on my mom, having my breakfast, and eventually rushing out to my 9-5 job…completely oblivious of a change , a major change,  that was about to happen later that day… Later in the evening, during dinner, I was enjoying my meal and while deciding on my ...
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How To Get More Hours In Your Day

by Austin Longstreet Self Improvement
You know that time when you had so much to do but there simply was not enough time to get it all done? There was an important meeting you were late for, you forgot to get your work done the night prior, and several tasks you have keep getting delayed... these are all aspects of poor time management. I have come across these problems too until I learnt how to seemingly get more hours in my day. Make sure you check ...
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Want To Develop Yourself? What You Need To Know With These Self Help Books

by Paschal E Nwanaji Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Investing, Self Improvement, Communications
Get Your hands on These Self Help Books Admitting that you need to work on yourself is a big step. Here are some great tips to help give you some ideas on what to try. Your library and bookstore probably have an entire section devoted to self-help. You could well derive some great, life-changing ideas from the right books in the field. Try to pick a volume that has already been well-received by others because poorly done books in this category are fairly ...
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The power of daily mini-improvements

by Emil Sundell Business, Home Based Business, Health and Fitness, Self Improvement
It's easy to get overwhelmed when facing a new big task in life. It could be to start training for your first marathon, building your dream house from scratch or, as I am currently doing, starting up your own online business. There are a lot of new things to learn and many steps to take, it's easy to get scared and stop even before you have started.  What you have to realize though is that most people that are in a ...
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How To Measure Your Personal Fulfilment Level

by Carlos Batista Self Improvement
There are many factors to consider when working out how fulfilled you are in your life right now. This is however important to understand if you want to improve your life for the better.   In order to determine how fulfilled, you are right now I have created a gauge you can use. I call it the Fulfilment Gauge. By plotting where you are right now, you can work out what you need to do to get to where you want to ...
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by Alister Rennie Arts and Entertainment, Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Real Estate, Relationships, Finance, Health and Fitness, Investing, Self Improvement, Communications, Home and Family, Kids and Teens, Writing and Speaking
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How To Overcome Being Unmotivated And Uninspired

by Sergei VanBellinghen Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement, Reference and Education
Being unmotivated and uninspired is, unfortunately, a very easy pattern to fall into and can also be a harmful way of living. You begin to lie to yourself, make plans but never follow through. You make resolutions but then repeat the same habits. So how do you overcome this and get motivated? Do you dislike taking the initiative, working or even going to the gym? Do you hate getting up early? Do you not have time for anything? Do you keep ...
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How To Get People To Change

by Jack Mason Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Health and Fitness, Self Improvement
A friend approached me recently, She asked for health and fitness help, She doesn't want just simple advice but needs someone in her life who will hold her accountable for her diet, her exercise routine and overall health. I jumped at the chance to help for two reasons. The first is I have a good background in fitness and a healthy lifestyle so felt compitent to help her there. We sat down and worked out her diet and exercise routine and I ...
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Live A Happier Life With These Personal Development Tips and Self Help Books

by Paschal E Nwanaji Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Health and Fitness, Investing, Self Improvement, Communications
Self Help Books It can sometimes feel overwhelming to engage in personal development. There are many features to it. Whether it is making a healthy adjustment to your diet, or striving to interact better with those around you. There are multiple avenues to becoming a better person. After you develop your plan and start implementing some of your ideas, your self-esteem will increase, as will the respect you receive from others, once they discern the positive changes in you. Strive to increase ...
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Master Of Your Own Destiny

by Zakhele Mhlanga Business, Self Improvement, Reference and Education
"You are the architect of your own destiny; you are the master of your own fate; you are behind the steering wheel of your life. There are no limitations to what you can do, have, or be. Except the limitations you place on yourself by your own thinking." - Brian Tracy Crazy as it may sound, but as early as since my childhood, have always had that urge of living up to the name “Zakhele” and making my loved ones proud ...
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Excuse Me I want to scream!

by Sally McGrath Business, Home Based Business, Self Improvement
Have you experienced the desire to scream in a public place when the whole place is so quiet or lifeless? Not in a scary movie or at a naughty child - simply at a life scenario that is "screamworthy"!  Here is a story that has inspired me to seek out alternatives, evaluate work and life, educate myself, grow as an individual and take these experiences to share, encourage and inspire others to take action, all of this during a recent commuter ...
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Vitality Survivors!

by Erika Strömsten Recreation and Sports, Self Improvement
Vitality Survivors! Vitality is the most amazing and beautiful gift I can think of, vitality stands for value, integrity, beauty, success, happiness, compassion, survivor and love. The most overwhelming fact is that we can create it ourself, thereby for and with others, wow! The one of my abilities I´m by far greatest of is my vitality, it has taken me through the darkest and hardest moments in life, standing steadily at gross violence, physical and mental abandonment, loss of family, injuries, and ...
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The Most Powerful Way To Get Unstuck

by Paul and Sarah Self Improvement
Everyone to some extent or another has experienced the feeling of being stuck. Whether that is in your career, your diet, exercise, relationships or whatever the case may be. For me struggling with feeling stuck and procrastination has always been an issue. Thankfully I’ve found something that has helped me enormously that I’d love to share here Knowing What To Do Isn't The Answer In today's world, the information age, there is most defiantly no shortage of that very thing, information. But if ...
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by Alister Rennie Arts and Entertainment, Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Real Estate, Relationships, Travel and Leisure, Finance, Health and Fitness, Investing, Self Improvement, Communications, Home and Family, Kids and Teens, Writing and Speaking
WHO DO YOU SPEND YOUR TIME WITH? The people that you CHOOSE to spend your time with, will determine what you make of your life!  Take a good look at those people.  Are they where you want to be, do they have what you want, are they living the life that you want to live? I specifically mean all the spare time that you have, for example, away from work and even during your breaks at work.  The people that you choose ...
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