Are You Frustrated Right Now?

by fatuma ali Business, Relationships, Investing, Self Improvement
Then Good !! it means you actually care. its because you've reached that point in your life or a situation that calls for urgency. You know what urgency does? It forces us to act, to move, to enter the realm of radical action, now be aware that everything in life either gives you the opportunity to see the light or the darkness, to most cases the take on would be to better your situation rather than to go the other way, most ...
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Health And Happiness: How They Coincide

by Debbie Frye Health and Fitness, Self Improvement, Pets
Are people healthier because they're happy, or are they happy because they are healthy? Pysical health and mental health are both important. Lacking in one will greatly effect the other.That is why what you put into your mind and body effects the way you funtion as a whole. Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University took hundreds of people, both happy and sad, and paid them $800 each to be allowed to drip the common cold virus into their noses.Even when somone sneezes in ...
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Sergei The Black Sheep Of The Family

by Sergei VanBellinghen Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement, Reference and Education
At eight years old, I realized that I was the black sheep of the family. Oddly enough, it is also human nature for relatives to alienate or marginalize such a family member, who acts differently from the others. Yet, I think being a black sheep comes from a desire to take a chance and find a new way. Is there something wrong with wanting to do things in another way? I have always been considered as the black sheep by most of ...
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Health and Food Industries

by Marcello Cicchini Health and Fitness, Self Improvement
Health and Food Industries Here’s the point… It’s all about demand and offer. Producer: What do you want? Consumer: Well, we want magic pills and miraculous therapies, where we enter inside a machine and we come out healed and strong. P: Great…! Guess what, we have pills and machines that keep all the situations inside your body, under control and all levels in balance. C: As long as we can keep our own eating habits as they are, go ahead and heal me. This is what ...
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Time management

by Ani Zoulalian Self Improvement
Time management has direct effect on our productivity and stress levels. If we are able manage time strategically, the rest will follow. Since i have a lot of time management issues I decided to do some research to learn more about the skills that I can develop that help me manage my time efficiently. Here is a brief resume of my research. But first, what is time management? Time management is the process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount ...
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Average Is A Failing Formula

by Pedro Campos Business, Finance, Self Improvement
Has someone ever told you to be comfortable, happy and settle down? Probably you`ve been hearing this all your life like I was and realizing that this thinking is not taking you anywhere... I know what that is, growing up as a middle-class kid, my parents had a business, we were living comfortably and all I`ve heard was: "we are better off than most people, be grateful, son." As an adult, I wasn't grateful, never satisfied with any job or activity, going ...
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How to Become an Ideal Leader

by Alla Kharrousheh Business, Self Improvement, Communications
Leadership is a set of skills and qualities that are attained through training, practice, drive, and experience.  Leaders are constantly working hard, and continually enrolled in self-development to improve their skills and qualities.  They are determined, committed, and goal driven, in addition to being result focused.  But what makes a good leader?  The primary quality for leaders is to be able to have influence on others to accomplish tasks and attain end goals. Leaders must also contribute to the organization and the community that ...
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The Hungry Caterpillar!

by Emily Harrison Internet and Businesses Online, Travel and Leisure, Self Improvement, Home and Family
The Hungry Caterpillar "I love this story" Have you heard the story of the very hungry caterpillar? Chances are you would have probably come across this story at some time in your life, this is a very clever story in the way it's told. When we see this book for the first time as a child, we see a very hungry caterpillar who eats its way through lots of different food each day of the week. What this book is actually teaching us, is not ...
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From the Vanishing Point Comes a Surge of Power

by Tony Smith Self Improvement, Writing and Speaking
From deep down in the soul of man comes a cry it comes from a place beyond reason, beyond pain from a vanishing point, a seemingly black hole from which no eye has beheld and the understanding is left without a voice This cry is only perceived and felt, yet remains not comprehended only misunderstood at best Men have tried to tame this force and bend it to their will but only have suffered greatly and ended stuck in unpleasant places This cry can only be yielded ...
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How to Create Synchronicity

by RENEE TOLEDO Self Improvement, Home and Family, Reference and Education
First, what is Synchronicity?   How to Create Synchronicity? For me it began with 11:11. I was seeing this so much in my life that I could'nt ignore it any longer. Of course I had been on a quest for several years to pretty much find out what life was supposed to be about. After researching 11:11, I realized that this was a spiritual journey I was on. If you go about your day filled with doom and gloom, the world will give ...
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TECHNOLOGY Change Is Coming

by David and Pat Sitko Computers and Technology, Relationships, Travel and Leisure, Self Improvement
In the fall of 2017, when we were preparing to go to Florida for the winter months, the discussions began. Our Canadian dollar was valued at approximately 75 cents U.S. Many of our associates and friends were not planning to go down south, as was their custom, because of their financial circumstances. Many retirees are on fixed incomes and prices continue to go up for accommodations and food. The dollar difference is great, our Canadian dollar certainly won't buy as much as ...
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Office year end bash - icebreaker questions

by Lynn Wright Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement
  THE BIG GIRL PANTIE QUESTIONS TO BREAK THE ICE AT THIS YEAR'S OFFICE  YEAR END BASH.  I have been self-employed for the last 20+ years in the Hospitality industry, and as such, have attended more office Christmas Cocktail Parties than I can remember. I can safely say that I have always been grateful having been a witness to, rather than a direct participant in the OFFICE CHRISTMAS BASH. Oriah Mountain Dreamer, walking home one night after an evening of mundane and meanlingless ...
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How to develop attention and focus

by Diana Jones Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement
Attention and focus are two things you need more than anything to accomplish.....well anything. If you need work done or get into the shape or make a shift in your life you need to have a certain degree of attention and focus in your life. In my case, that focus is needed whilst in the process of building my own online marketing business (if you want to find out a bit more about this incredible platform click here It is so ...
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Have You Done A Challenge Yet?

by Isabella Lambauer Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement, Communications
I recently completed a 90-Day Video Challenge for my online business. It was quite difficult at first, but it got easier with every video. So I was wondering if you ever completed a challenge? Would you be willing to push yourself to do something uncomfortable in order to achieve a change in your life? I was really hesitant to film and then post my first video. I was worried what others would think of me and what should I talk about ...
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by Alister Rennie Arts and Entertainment, Business, Computers and Technology, Gaming, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Real Estate, Relationships, Travel and Leisure, Finance, Health and Fitness, Home Improvement, Investing, News and Society, Recreation and Sports, Self Improvement, Book Reviews, Communications, Food and Drink, Home and Family, Kids and Teens, Pets, Reference and Education, Shopping and Product Reviews, Writing and Speaking
BALANCING YOUR HORMONES NATURALLY The hormone-balancing profiles of foods are vitally important for the health of your skin.  Not much attention is paid to this area, however researchers have established direct links between the consumption of certain foods, and the promotion of healthy skin. 1 - ALMONDS - Linked with a hormone that aids in the regulation of blood sugar levels.  Recommended intake of 11 almonds daily. 2 - BROCCOLI - Dark leafy greens such as brussels sprouts and spinach also enhance the ...
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The ten best self-help books, reduced to ten ideas.

by Global Millionairs Arts and Entertainment, Relationships, Travel and Leisure, Health and Fitness, Home Improvement, News and Society, Recreation and Sports, Self Improvement, Book Reviews, Communications, Home and Family, Kids and Teens, Reference and Education, Writing and Speaking
If I could reduce the ten best self-help books to ten ideas, these, I believe, would be everyone's favorites: Go to bed at 10 every evening Have a solid 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily Drink at least half a litter of lukewarm water first thing in the morning, best before getting up. (This purifies your bodies system like nothing else does. You could keep a thermos bottle by your bed for this.) Read at least one quality book every two weeks. You ...
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How To Expand Your Mindset?

by Pedro Campos Business, Relationships, Finance, Self Improvement
Everybody knows about the big thinking philosophy, there are a lot of books talking about the magic of thinking big, and how that could impact your life in so many areas. One thing that you`ll not find in many books is how to set goals, by thinking in an unconventional, unreasonable way, by thinking in surges and not in increments, by setting the standards so high that people will think you`re crazy, a maniac, an obsessed. Today, I`m gonna introduce to you ...
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Do you want something different from life?

by Anna and Dean Hannan Relationships, Health and Fitness, Self Improvement
Are you using time and money as an excuse not to have anything done? Well, if the answer is yes, then excuses will keep you away, from achieving the goals. And that's a fact. What if, you could get all the tools that are needed to redesign your lifestyle, in one place? Would that be handy and worth becoming a member of our growing digital family? Learn the skills that will help you along the journey called life? We firmly believe that the answer is ...
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'Don't despise the day of small beginnings'

by Anne King Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement
Starting a new business can feel exciting but also somewhat overwhelming.  You may have hundreds of ideas about how you would like to set up and launch your new business but there may be so many new skills that you need to learn as well as potential challenges to your plans. I've always wanted the freedom to be able to work from home, being my own boss and choosing when and how to spend my time.  It felt like a dream ...
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How we prevent misunderstanding

by Ruud & Jolanda Nellestijn Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement
We are on a journey that will change our life. When we tell that to people they often want to know more.But with some people, it’s just not easy to explain what we do. To prevent misunderstandings we came up with an alternative.A version that people can understand, that is not out-of-the-box. How it began The journey to our new life started about 7 months ago.At first, we ‘just’ saw a chance to replace my income.A future in affiliate marketing…. it was completely new ...
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