I Just Don't Feel The Way I Used Too!

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"I just don't feel the way I use too!" "

Things that used to be so important to me, doesn't anymore" is a common expression from people.


Of course, a natural progression with age, in our constant pursuit of a happy and satisfying life. It would appear natural, right?

But its deeper than that, isn't it? We all one day realise that nothing is as important as waking up feeling happy and content.

The new house or the new car, doesn't do it for you and external factors like friends and family even our kids does not guarantee to fill that empty hole of despair that you may feel.

So what does?

Changing your thinking will and NO, I don't just mean having all those happy loving thoughts of positive motivation, because we need to address some serious programming, such as THE BLAME GAME!

You must realise that we all participate in this game of blaming and criticizing ourselves and others on a constant basis and that it's now a habit. To break this habit, you must first start counting your blessing and be grateful for what you do "have".

Start seeing how many things you can find to be grateful for, like; your health, your kids, your partner, your friends, your parents, your pets, your house, your apartment, and so on.

This will "slowly", but surely set up a new track (program) in your mind (continue for more than 90 days) and suddenly one day you will realise that you are feeling happier than you used too and they people around you seem more loving and caring than before.

Go on try it?

If however, you are surrounded by "dark cloud carrying oxygen stealers" who insist on making your days miserable then, tell them to get with the program and if not, get yourself on one of these bad boys here and get the hell out of dodge for a while.


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