Is there evilness in non physical? - 2



So there are many reasons that people are attracting what they are attracting.
But it is our ABSOLUTE PROMIS to you that there is NOT some source of evil being out there-

That has the ability to assert itself in your experience.
But you get what you think about and it will find come to you and find a way to manifest, you see.

The best way of describing this that we can that will give you a sense of all of this is:

One day we were visiting with a woman who was living in the San Francisco area. And she was saying, Abraham, I’ve been crossing these bay bridges for many years. And I have never felt any fearful.

And recently I am crossing these bridges and I am having these, what I must describe as panic attacks.
She said I want to lie on the floor of my car. The fear is so intense.

What’s happening with me?
And we said you must be bumping into some thought form on the bridge.

I don’t like the idea of that at all. So you say that there are thought forms on the bridge?
What do you mean?

And we said, well you have to understand that everything that anyone thinks about is broadcasted for everyone else to pick up if they are in the vibrational vicinity.

And so people have been crossing these bridges, often they are tourists, sort of a precarious feeling.
And often they cross it sitting in a master bus and it is an even more precarious feeling.

Because the width of the lanes going to the toll booth.
There have recently been earthquakes and some of the bridges had been falling down.

And so it had increased people’s concern being on a bridge.

So all of these people are offering all of these thoughts and these thoughts are being broadcast around the vicinity of this.

And the law of attraction is causing a coalition of these. And so there is thought, and then there is thought that is thought upon longer.

And then these thoughts have come into thought-form.

And we say, they have been there when you crossed the bridge, ALL OF THE DAYS that you have ever crossed that bridge.

The question is not, where are the thought forms coming from or why are the thought forms there?

The question to ask is, why are you now picking up on these thought forms that you never have before?
What’s been going on in your experience that is making you a vibrational receiver of this?

She knew right away.
She said, my neighbor was burglarized. And it made me feel very vulnerable.

I am going to meetings. We are organizing a neighborhood watch system.
I called someone to put in an alarm system in my house.

I am considering even putting bars in my house.

And so something not even related to the bridge but related but to a FEELING OF INSECURITY had been activated within her.

Which brought her in vibrational range of something she had never been in the vibrational range of before, you see.
So we want you to understand that there are not BIG BAD THINGS out there that are of supernatural nature.

You do a plenty good job of creating the things that you don’t want in your reality.

Just by focusing on sickness and cancer and burglary and terrorism.

In other words. Don’t bring them from other space.
We promise you - THEY ARE NOT COMING.

But whatever it is you are giving your attention to, is that which you will have an experience about.

It’s nothing more than a creation of this woman, based upon the vibrational balance of her being.

This is why we want you to realize that you are the creator of your own reality.

There are all kinds of influences out there as you watch television and they point out to you that one out of every five has it and that you are probably the one.

And then they list that long stream of symptoms and encourage you to eat that stuff and then they tell you the side effects that that stuff will give you.


That’s why we want you to relax and understand that you have that wonderful buffer of time.
And that the basis of your life is one of WELL-BEING.

And so when you read something and it makes you feel uneasy, utilize your own guidance system and understand that the reason it feels uneasy is that it is not a vibrational match to who you are and what you want.

If that were accurate information that your inner being was utterly in agreement with, when you read it, you would’ve swooned in the energy.

You would’ve felt elation about the energy. You would’ve felt the harmonics of your inner being agreement of it.
But that’s not what you felt when you read her second book, was it?

You felt fear and tension and a little anger.

Your guidance system was saying to you, this that you are reading right here has activated within you a vibration that is keeping you apart from the vibration of your source.

That’s why we want so much for all of you no matter WHAT THE SUBJECT -

TRUST the guidance that comes forth from within you!

You can, every single time you see.

Thank you so much for reading. Hope you found great pleasure in it.

All the best and I see you soon in my upcoming article.

Yours, Alex

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