Misconceptions around death - 3



Our interest in you. Our interest in the things that we began creating together is keen.
Everything that you are about, we are still about, you see.

And so once you relax into that and allow your experience to be about that-
In time- it is our promise to you, this will be your knowing too.

And when it is, you will be able to impart it to others who are around you as well. You just have to have the experience of something happening.

Esther early on, she was looking for Jerry and not finding him. And her sister was staying with her at the time.
And it was in the very early days.

And Esther was suffering. Choosing to suffer she would tell you now. It was unnecessary suffering. But it was working for her.

She was saying to her sister, where is he? Where is he? He said he would come. He said he would show up. So where is he?

And at that moment, across the room, some bookcases- and Jerry had set the Sarah books up facing out- one of those books went BAMM onto the floor.

Oh, there you are, Esther said. He wanted him to do it again, but he didn’t. He’s not going to knock the book over again.

It served its purpose. Esther’s desire was so strong. And her belief is not different, really.
She knows about Abraham. She knows about non-physical.

But her desire was strong enough and pointed enough that he showed up at that moment. But it is so much easier when you are asking and not fretting, asking and not suffering.

When you accept the eternal nature of all of us, you begin to understand why life goes as well as it does.

Everyone who has made their transition is HERE forward-looking, interested in YOU.

And it’s only the best of them that made their transition. C

In other words, all doubts and worry and fear and jealousy….EVERYTHING that has been picked up on your physical trail is LEFT on your physical human trail for you to keep regurgitating with each other.

But it doesn’t make the transition into non-physical.

That pure, positive love energy is what’s focused back with you.

Just keep reminding yourself that. And something that really helps a lot is when you accept the right here and now EXISTENCE OF SOMEONE.

- Not the memory of them
- Not what used to be that I’m still remembering



In fact, we are going to say something -you may or may not hear it- we’ve been saying it for a while and continue to say it:

Your inner being never looks back. And looking at WHAT IS, is also "looking back".
Those who’ve made their transition are not looking back.


There are thought-forms that a psychic can pick up on and so on and so forth.

But the essence, but the ESSENCE of who they now are- is not looking back.

And what’s really interesting and very worth mentioning is

WHAT you call present tense, IS REALLY PAST TENSE.

It’s like gum you’ve chewed all the flavor out of. There is nothing going on.
All the creative juices are happening as you are in your now, FORWARD-LOOKING.

Because you’ve done almost all of the work. Life has caused you to laugh these rockets of desire.
And they are vivid becoming VIBRATIONS.

And your inner being is standing there with them. And the Law of Attraction is responding to them.
And they are what is becoming.

So you’ve got this larger part of you that is swirling and becoming. And when you look back, you’re not swirling and becoming.

That is the separation that you feel. That nostalgia, homesickness of grieve.
It’s because you are putting your attention where the greater part of you ISN’T.

That’s why all negative emotions, no matter which ones you describe, feels like
emptiness, like a void of loss of something. It’s because you are pinching off the true essence of who you are.

The true essence of the energy of who you are. The true Power of who you are.

So what to say to you girls?
We would say if we were standing in your physical shoes:

Watch for mom, she is all around. She keeps showing up EVERYWHERE. And I am not talking about memories, kids.
I am talking about HER, HERE, NOW.

Something else I should tell you, but I don’t wanna tell you. She’s completely on your side about everything.
She will not rat you about anything😊.

You have an advocate beyond anything anyone of us has EVER IMAGINED.

• Aware of you.
• Knowing you.
• With you.
• Inspiring you.
• Flowing to you.
• Flowing ideas to you.

So listen for mom, because she’s ACTIVE MORE THAN EVER BEFORE.

And then your kids are going to bring you stuff :
You’re not gonna believe what happened.
You’re not gonna believe what I knew, that I didn’t know I knew.

This is what upliftment is.
This is what true upliftment is.
The promise of non-physical to physical.
This is what we are all ALWAYS about.

And when you know that and you start listening for that, letting that inspiration in.
You get into the receptive mode so that you RECEIVE.

It’s going to take it on a whole new look, which is THE promise that you all made to each other before you all met up here.

Thank you so much for reading. Hope you enjoyed yourself a lot.

Yours, Alex

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