seventeen seconds a measure of life

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It only takes a brief moment to begin the shift from one feeling and place in your mind to another. Bringing together two unlikely voices to express the shift that comes with seventeen seconds a measure of life,  a measure of a moment - a moment to make a shift in how you feel and perceive the world.


In the moments when you have found yourself feeling anything other than good you do have the option to create a shift for yourself and reset your mind and state of being to a higher place. Allowing a shift into the positive momentum of flow and appreciation.


Never did I imagine that in the very first article that I published would I be bring the band The Cure and Abraham - Hicks together to help articulate and express one of the most powerful and immediatly accessable tools that I know of to be able to choose to redirect your mind to where you want it to be.

Abraham teaches that in any moment when we do not feel what we would want to feel that we need to reach for one emotion,  and that emotion is relief.  We need to be able to acknowledge that we are where we are and that’s o.k and that, when the only thing that is important to you is that you feel good, you have a chance to change your focus and shift your momentum.

"seventeen seconds a measure of life"  Imagine a life of deliberate blocks of seventeen seconds consciously focusing on all that makes us feel good. The measure of a great life.  Infact the measure of a life who's priority is to feel good, to be light hearted, to be fun and to feel completely free.

This is one of lifes great tools as we carry on our journey enjoying every Little moment whilst planning for the Big things to come. 

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