The path of least resistance - Part 2


There are less important intentions sort of on the activated table here. And so you gotta admit: under those conditions, it does feel better to hope that he is wrong, as to accept that you might be.

It does feel better for him to lead you down a blocked path, than for you to have led you down a blocked path.

So you are hearing Abraham say, follow the path of least resistance. And you are thinking, WHAT IN THE WORLD is the path of least resistance here?

It doesn’t feel good to wrestle him to the ground and kill him and go the way I want to go. Nor does it feel good to let him assume that I don’t know what I am doing and let him go the way HE wants to go.

What is the path of least resistance?

And we say, oh when you are out here on this sort of petty insignificant edge, it’s very difficult to really determine the path of least resistance.

But if you’ve been activating this day, your appreciation of life, your appreciation of your relationship, your appreciation of your ability to find your way.

If you are tapped in, tuned in, turned on, THEN the path of least resistance is EASY.

In other words, it would not matter which way you turned or whose advice you took.

The path of least resistance always feels like

• I love this person
• I honor this person

And even if this person at this moment isn’t honoring you, we promise you that the path of least resistance is THAT YOU are honoring the OTHER. 

Are you getting the sense of what we are talking about? 

- If you’ve taking the time to meditate recently, even this morning 
- If you’ve been basking
- If you’ve made your short list of positive aspects
- If you did some basking and dreaming over your coffee and donut that  morning 
- If you’ve been in this place were you are tapped-in, tuned-in, turned-on
- If you were in alignment with WELL BEING

If your friend then pipes in and says, let’s go this way. Maybe you would say, let’s go the way he says, or maybe you wouldn’t.

But in any case, the path of least resistance would be more obvious to you.

You can feel when you get off of it.

So what did we just say to you?

The path of least resistance is the vibration that is most active in you. 

That’s why the loudest one almost always wins the argument. That's why the strongest one, the biggest one almost always wins in these petty little peripheral arguments.

But when you take the time to really tune in the source energy part that is you, THEN it doesn’t really matter which way you go.

You could go which way anyone would point out and the universe would still yield to you a path of least resistance.

You could go that way with love in your heart and discover things you’ve never seen before. You might even find a path that is ULTIMATELY better.

You might see flowers blooming, you might see a new house that you’ve been wondering about. You might see a business that you’ve been looking for.

You might meet someone in traffic that you’ve been wondering about.

In other words, all kinds of things open to you.

It turns out that every physical direction that you go to IS and CAN BE a path of least resistance.

If you are vibrationally open to the well being your source knows about.

You can’t take a wrong turn

You CAN’T take a wrong turn when you are in sink with who you are.

And you can’t take a right when you are not in sink.

So what we are wanting you to hear is, that the path of least resistance is the path that is KNOW TO YOU, by the WAY, YOU FEEL.

It’s NOT 

• Which way do I go?
• Do I stay or do  I go?
• Do I take this job or do I take this job?

It is :

- Do I carve out a path 
- day by day?
- gesture by gesture?
- moment by moment? 

That aligns me with the energy that is me? Or do I find myself trying so hard to please this one and that one and this one and that one? 

That I, therefore, lose my compass and I don’t know which end is even up relative to the path of least resistance.

The path of least resistance ALWAYS feels good.

And the thing that is tricky with so many of you is, you say Abraham the path of least resistance makes me worry that I might end up being a DOORMAT.

If I don’t stay up for myself, if I don’t say what I want, then won’t people take advantage of me?

And we say, IT’S NOT POSSIBLE.

When you are in alignment with the energy of your source and 

• you are always following your bliss
• following your joy,
• following the thought that feels best

THEN those action-paths just begin to unfold magically before you.

Amazing things begin to happen. 

People who are watching you can hardly believe the well being that you are living.

They wanna know what you are doing. And you say, really I am not doing as much as you might think.

I am trying to align myself with well being. It’s more thought-work with me. It’s more about controlling my mood.

It’s more about choosing things that fell good than it is DOING anything.

I sort of let the doing take care of itself. Doing just sort of opens before me. Obvious path begin to unfold.

The doing is sort of a non issue. I find myself swept by the current.

My real work is in my moment to moment CHOOSING the thought that feels BEST.

So, you really got that, didn’t you.

The path of least resistance feels always good. 

And you gotta practice it in terms of thoughts and feeling quite a while - BEFORE the action path becomes SO OBVIOUS.