Now, what happens when the law of attraction responds to something?
• There is an energy of pulling toward it
• There is a literal current that happens


And that current, we want to begin calling it
- The current of life
- The stream of life
- The stream of well being
- The eternal force


So think about this eternal cycle that we just expressed to you.

From your non-physical perspective, you said " I want to be physical"
From being physical you said " I would like this improvement in physicality on the leading edge"

And Source Energy said "You should know. You are the pioneer out there on the leading edge. And nobody would know better, what would improve your life experience than you."


And so when you come to a conclusion - consciously or unconsciously- when you want something, source says, good idea and BECOMES IT.

And then source immediately offers the vibration of it SO POWERFULLY that law of attraction responds to that vibration —> and a CURRENT is affected.


Not just a current. THE CURRENT of life.
Not just the current of life. THE ONLY CURRENT of life.

In other words, there is not a stream
• of Sickness BUT only a stream of Wellness, which you are going with or not
• of Evil BUT only a stream of Goodness and well being which you are going with right now or not


And what we want you to gather here is, when you go with that stream you THRIVE.

And when you hold yourself apart from it which you can not totally do- but when you try, you DON’T thrive.

In other words, you WILL ALWAYS go with that stream.


BECAUSE IT IS AN ETERNAL STREAM that you cannot separate yourself from.

You can pinch yourself off from it pretty good while you are in this physical body, by beating the drum of things that you don’t want.

And therefore holding yourself apart from what you have actually become.


But you cannot separate yourself from that stream.
And the moment that you croak, we love that disrespectful word, because there is no death.

So the moment that you croak, you move RIGHT TO the expanded version of you.

In other words, there could be a gap while you are in your physical experience from who your really are and who you are allowing yourself to be.


In other words, when you are source energy before you come into this body, you are ONE POWERFUL STREAM OF WELL BEING.

The vibration of you is all about
• thriving
• Wellbeing

And then when a part of that consciousness expresses itself here into a physical body- YOU.
There is a slight variation in your vibration, even in the day that you are born.



Just from what you are observing from your physicality. Just from what you are observing what is not wanted in physical.

In other words, EVERYTHING has its WANTED and its LACK of it.

The day you are born you are picking up on the vibration of your mother that starts worrying THE MOMENT you are born.


In fact, she worried about you long before you were born. She got a pretty good WORRY RATH going on there.
And now you are born and the is worrying about you.

And you are sensitive and you are picking up on her vibration.
And you are not the pure vibration that you were, just seconds ago.


Not to worry though, because the dominant vibration is still there.

And anyway, you are going to go to sleep.

And when you do, you become ONE VIBRATION AGAIN.



You wake up, you go to sleep. You wake up, you go to sleep.
You adapt to the vibration of your time-space reality.

And nothing is terribly wrong even if there is a little split in your vibration.

We just point out to you that your perspective here in this physical body does not allow you to have the pure vibration that you had when you were only non-physical energy.



And we lovingly say to you with every bit of love that we can muster - DEAL WITH IT.
You will never be able to be pure positive non-physical energy as long as you are here in this physical body.

BECAUSE you are the pioneers out here on the leading edge of thought.


It’s sort of like, Jerry and Esther they were taking last night when they got their first monster bus,
The only time that Esther was at total ease, was when the bus was parked somewhere.

And when it was time to start that big engine and roll up and get out on the roadways, it was a wild knuckle flight for quite a while.

Because it was big and scary. Now, Esther prefers driving in park, because it is KNOWN, the KNOWN is there.


It is not unknown. But in the beginning when you come forth into this leading-edge experience,
THE SECURITY isn’t what it is in non-physical where you know that WELL BEING ABOUNDS.

As you come into a physical environment and you are born to a mother who right away worries about something bad happening to you.

Because she’s been trained every day of her life, watch out that will kill you. Watch out that will kill you.



And so you are born as you come into this leading-edge environment and you pick up some of the counterproductive vibrations.

And so your vibration is not as pure. And it is alright.

Then, the longer you live in this physical body, the more potential you have to find the things to fuzz and worry about.


And the more things you find to fuzz and worry about, THE LESS you are in alignment with who you are.

And what happens with most humans is, you learn to ACCLIMATE to whatever you are feeling.

• Being ornery is sort of normal
• Being irritated with one thing and another is sort of normal
• Putting up with no having everything that you want becomes sort of normal


You begin to adjust to ideas like
- The world doesn’t revolve around you, WHICH IS NOT TRUE
- Everything is not supported to work out for me, WHICH IS NOT TRUE EITHER
- You are not the center of the universe, THAT’S JUST NOT TRUE


You are the CENTER OF YOUR UNIVERSE. You are the center of your point of attraction. And you have come into this environment to decide what it is that you want.

So here is how it works :

to be continued.......

thank you so much for reading. Hope you had a great time.

Expect to hear from me soon.


Until then

All the best & more

Yours, Alex

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