2019 Resolutions are not just for January......

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It's been a few weeks since my last post and what a few weeks it's been! The furore of Christmas celebrations, an abundance of food and drinks, tying up loose ends at work before the festivities, quality time with family and friends with the excitement of sharing and giving, last minute gift buying for the cousin or aunt who you've missed out. All the hive of activity

slowly we head toward the countdown till the year is concluded. It is a reflective time as we begin to prepare ourselves for the new year, it is a special moment to many of us as we always look back and contemplate on the year we are leaving and gain an understanding of what we would like to carry over in the new year and what we would like to improve on. A lot of us make resolutions each new year, what have you set out for the coming years, if so, what do you determine on achieving? Did you achieve the resolutions you set out last year, if so, how did you maintain the consistency and maintain the momentum?   This post speaks on how to view resolutions as daily goals/resolutions throughout the year.

Personally the last few years I have come to set resolutions as normal goals depending on when I want to achieve them. I feel that you can set goals that you can reflect every few months. Looking at what I started in the last year and continuing with those goals, taking time to reflect and analyse which direction I'm heading. I've learnt that goals can be set at any time during the course of the year and not necessarily setting new goals in the new year, it might just be about continuing with what you have started and to focus on your goals with determination and perseverance. It is about jumping at opportunities that come your way and experiencing life every which way the path takes you. When setting your goals write them down however do not plan how you will execute them because you will be surprised how the universe seems to have its own plans for you. Learning that when you have a plan in your head, it might not go the way you planned however it may or may not reach is important in the recovery and acceptance because one day you will look back and realise your straightforward planning had some convoluted detours which are sometimes lessons in themselves.

Never put pressure on yourself, the pressure only adds to unwanted stress. Mornings are a great time to check where you are with your goals and achievements, taking that little step for that day toward what you are aiming puts less pressure. There are times when we take a step back due to different issues, don't let that put you off, keep trudging and keep persevering. A lot of times we set goals that are trending or ones that we think we should achieve, the only way you can embark on setting and achieving a goal is being honest with yourself and not follow the herd. View your ''resolutions'' as bite chunk goals rather than ostentatious ones that you will dump on the wayside once the January resolution facade is gone. Goals do not have to be made only in January, they can and should be made throughout the year. When you achieve them during the year, go ahead and set some more!

I've often found that the spring season is symbolic to me, the season of new growth and birth I often find myself pondering and reflecting on where I'm going with my life, whether I am growing as a soul what is stopping from living a fulfilled life.

Toward the end of last  year I came to the realisation that I cannot force matters, all I need to do is live life in truth and surrender all control to the universe, it is the mastermind, I drive my vehicle, it directs it and when I drive over bumps, I am learning to recover from the stall and continue the journey, that is not to say it is easy, oh no it isn't. It is learning to recover from the bumps and crashes with a positive mindset
My daily goals
As I mentioned right at the beginning of the post I am reviewing my resolutions daily and below are the bite-size chunk goals that I try and integrate in my day to day life. These are resolutions I knew I needed to live by as  I lacked in the qualities, and in the last few years through learning about consciousness and the energy surrounding everything on this planet, I realised that our bodies are a conduit of energy, we are part of that electromagnetic energy and tune to different frequencies depending on our mindset. The power of energy whether positive or negative depicts the outcome of the reality and the vibration frequency we resonate, so  living a positive life will raise vibrations resulting in a fulfilled way of life

Patience with everyone around me
To continue discovering my passion and calling, the reason why I am here on this beautiful earth
Taking daily action as I tend to procrastinate on the things I know I need to do to live a fulfilled life
Setting a good example to myself and to my children, be it in kindness, love, patience
Reaching my potential through determination and ensuring I am taking the steps toward that I want to achieve
To become rich and abundant in spirit, in my personal life, my relationship with my children and others around me
 Connecting  and aligning with people who support and share my growth, people that I can learn from
To continue growing and develop continuously and to live fearlessly

These are my goals I am integrating into my life so that they become habitual and become a part of my daily life and continue trying to live an authentic true version of myself.

What are your resolutions and what are you trying to achieve by setting them. I do hope you have a fulfilled life in 2019 and beyond and continue to seek the truth and the light.

Until next time..............................


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