4 Ways to Discipline Yourself

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Hi Friends!

Ever thought to yourself why you cannot be consistently disciplined in your activities, tasks, or goals?

Perhaps it was a diet that fell away, or a business idea that you didn't follow through on? Well, don't be too harsh on yourself, this can be sometimes a common misplacement and is caused by not following certain habits in life.

So to remain disciplined at all times, consistently disciplined, follow the below recommendations that i have for you:

a) Before you wake up, attend and manage your own goals, before you respond to the world. I mean don't even open up your emails or look at your phone or social media. Have your goals ready the night before and in the morning, start with your tasks. Until you have completed them, do not move to the rest of your itenary for the day. Timing is everything, make the time to be disiplined and disciplined you shall be.

b) In the mornings, get emotionally engaged in your dreams and goals. We sometimes forget why we are doing what we are doing. Being engaged emotionally will keep you charged up to finish your tasks in a disciplined way. Visualise, remember, remind yourself, whatever it takes be emotionally engaged with it!

c) Give yourself rewards. We are human after all. For every task completed, reward yourself. Go out with friends, watch a movie, go for a weekend away. Remember that our lives always need balance. Don't do this and you will end up burnt out. 

These are three easy steps to remain disciplined. 

To your success!

Nirdosh Maharaj

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