5 Good Habits that help your Mindset

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1. Focusing on the positive:


The negative things will come of course, but it is the habit of switching to the positive, to think of solutions rather than how horrible things are or could be. You acknowledge the bad still you choose to focus on the good.

2. Stop judging and get curious:


Investigate the truth.

In regards people: sometimes a tough person or mean person simply behaves like that because they have been hurt in the past and they are scared of being hurt again. They might actually be a lovely person. It takes some time to slowly talk to them and getting to know them before judging.

In regards to food; now that I became a vegan, a lot of people responded in a negative way, I get it, it is because they cannot see themselves doing that. But it is also because of a label and a judgment. Be curious about what our body needs and where we can find those things. Yes, we can find everything in veggies, fruits, seeds, and grains. Search which ones. When you watch a video that says horrible things about vegans or vegetarians, look if maybe the big corporations that sell meat and diaries are behind that fake propaganda. It happens a lot.

In regards to online businesses; before you say no and run from them out of fear and skepticism, first learn about them. Maybe it is a lot simpler than you thought.

3. Rethink your life:


Be positive, yet when something isn’t going well, you will need to press pause. Start looking at things through a different perspective and analyze it so it can work for your highest and best.

If you find you need some kind of support like from a life coach go and get help.

I receive many clients that are exactly in that confusing situation and then they end up making more sense about what is really going on in their life and what their real priorities are, amongst other things.

So, go get help if you need it, there is nothing to be ashamed of and a lot of potential for growth.

4. Acknowledge you are imperfect:


It is a lot of pressure when we demand ourselves to be perfect and it produces a lot of negative self-talk. Instead of torturing ourselves let´s accept we are imperfect and that it is ok. We will never succeed if we try to be perfect, but we can learn from our mistakes and be a better person every day.

1. 5-Second Rule:


It can completely change or transform your life, read the book. It simply starts by counting backward 5-4-3-2-1 and taking action (on not taking action).

Some examples are:

· Getting up in the morning instead of hitting the snooze button.

· Exercising

· Eating healthy food

· Keeping quiet

· Speaking up

Again, gratitude is in all of the habits, when you focus on the positive, when you stop judging, when you rethink your life, when you acknowledge you are imperfect and when you take action thanks to the 5 second Rule.

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See you around.


Jennifer Trimble

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