90 Day Lifestyle Reset Challenge – Come along with me, let’s travel to freedom.

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This is all very new to me and quite a bit scary truth be told but, I am excited and eager to what and where this might lead to.  Life is an adventure, right?  Adventures are meant to be exciting and scary as we journey into the unknown. You are the Indiana Jones of your life, so let’s go get that freedom treasure!

My first step is to actually ‘put myself out there’(eeeek), which is a very scary thought and feeling in the pit of my stomach and I’m sure for a lot of you the thought if it brings a similar fear-based feeling that makes you want to run and hide and say ‘hmmm I’m not sure this is really for me’?  This is why I want to share my journey as scared as the thought might make me feel.  I have had that thought multiple times but I keep moving forward as right now, I feel there is something inherently wrong for me in the 9-5.  I have never felt truly comfortable or satisfied with it, but I stuck with it for 20 years as it was ‘what you did’, what society taught me to do and I did not know of any other way.

Over the years I have worked out what my core values are and the number 1 is ‘FREEDOM’, and having to ask a boss for time off so I can spend time with friends and family just seems plain wrong and nonsensical.

I plan to post on all aspects of my journey starting with this 90 day challenge as it is a Health, Mindset and Business challenge, I am going all in…..  This could be on anything depending on what comes up for me from mindset issues, working out, time management etc. and how I handle it.

I am still in my 9-5 currently and although it is inherently not for me I am learning not to hate it anymore but to appreciate it for what it has taught me about myself (even though I have not been listening properly a lot of the time!!) and that it is allowing me to pursue my freedom journey on my own schedule.

My name is Zoe which means life in Greek, I nearly did not make it into this world hence my parents giving me this name so I am going to start honouring it and live as I am meant to with adventure, freedom and fun.  Follow me on my instagram account here,  https://www.instagram.com/channel_freedom/

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