What Is Creative Avoidance?

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undefinedHow much of our “doing” is about something to avoid (Creative Avoidance) to be serious and step out our comfort zone?

How much of our entertainment activities, like impulsively browsing the phone or getting busy with a video game app and TV are really entertainment?

Avoidance behaviors are strategies that we use to handle stress. It numbs down excessive thinking and helps us forget some painful worries.

It’s much easier to say than to change but it’s more painful realizing at a certain point in life that we spent a 3rd of our days sleeping (which we cannot avoid) and if we have a job, another or our days 3rd inside that job, then the commuting time, then a few hours in front of a TV and the phone.

There must be something else than “what meets the eyes” in our human purpose. There must be something inside our brains that we allow it to be covered.

The power and the momentum our brains gain when we focus on dreams and goals (yesterday’s article) and we let our dreams not be stopped by the external feedback.

I dream about quitting my job, were I feel that I am a paycheck away from being broke and I imagine myself driving to that place the last day and drop my quit notice.

I dream about booking a flight for any destination, anytime and for as long as I want, without having to wait for my work vacation and having to fight myself between deciding to relax and using that money for other “have to” things.

I dream about time and financial freedom.

I’m working on creating three rental properties transforming my own house, and I’m making it. I’ve just rented out a portion of it that already covers the mortgage payment and have of the bills. I’m working on finishing the other two by the end of 2017.  That’s a start…

I am thinking though, that three rental properties won’t support all the dreams I was describing a few paragraphs before.

However, a few weeks ago I found a couple of guys on a Youtube advertising, describing their lifestyles and it matched exactly the way I imagined would be my ideal life.

What Is Creative Avoidance Article was Inspired by: My own experience through online marketing training.

There’s a part of me that keeps telling me to go back to where I “belong”, to my comfort. Quiet, safe lifestyle. That voice inside me gives me endless alternatives and lots of reasons why it wouldn’t work for me and tells me to avoid challenging myself and make it.

It says: “Marcello, at least you know that the paycheck is going to be always there as long as you keep showing up at work.”

And then I realize that our worst enemy is not out there… and I turn my attention inside myself.


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