Feeling Consumed

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Feeling Consumed?

Are you in a position in life when you stopped thinking of what you want to do with life and focusing more on your children? Being a parent brings a new perspective in life where there´s no longer space for our own dreams and plans to be put first.

From the moment you hold that little baby in your arms, that sweet innocent creature that is so helpless if you don´t protect it. From that first moment you know that you will do anything to make your child happy and content so that he or she can grow into a great human being. One full of self awareness, with strong belief in themselves. You want them to be able to reach their goals and actually you spend most of your time and money to satisfy this little creature of yours. This comes so naturally that we don´t even think about it, it is what being a good parent means to most of us. 

I love my children, I have 5 of them actually and most of my family and friends are concerned over me being able to handle it and still remain positive to life. To still have time to be me and to not hit the famous wall as they call it. Now I have always been a person that loves to handle allot of stuff at ones so it hasn´t really bin that strange for me as it is for those looking at my life from outside. Now why is that? 

Well I think that the main reason is that we nowadays put our self growth and me time as an important step of a healthy life style. Naturally this contradicts to the idea of being a sacrificing and loving parent not to mention if you GOT 5 KIDDS, REALLY!! But you know what it doesn´t have to be, and frankly speaking it shouldn´t be. 

We are so hard trying to satisfy our little loves that we read of modern parenting on internet, we by books on parenting and drive them to one sport activity after another, that is ok. What many many parents forget during this ride of becoming that perfect parent for your child. cause I really believe it is a journey, we are not born parents. We become parents. During this journey we are so much focusing on the wellbeing of the child that we totally forgot ore put a side our own vision and dreams.

I would really want for my kids to listen to what I say, even if I´m yelling allot ( that coach with a Whistle attitude). And you know what? Most of the time it is a real struggle to affect them with words. If I on the other hand do something like working in the garden or practice my morning yoga. They all quietly join me, without words and do what I do. They see what I do, and they Follow.

To allow yourself to dream, vison and act in behalf of your wellbeing then your children will learn to do the same, they will follow and imitate. So be a good parent, focus on you and show them how to handle this not so easy world we live in. Put your agenda first and the children´s activities around it, they will be happy anyway.

Don´t feel like your life has already happened, renew yourself, dream again. Feel young and you will be young again, age is not a number it is definitely a mindset...

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