Time to Create Your Own Job !

    Rather than Getting a Job why not Create One ?   

  Do you remember when you were at school being asked all the time, what do you want to be when you grow up? Having to choose special subjects related to that occupation. Arts or Science subjects or you would not be able to 'go down that career road'. This always caused me a lot of confusion as I was just a kid. How was I suppose to know? Most of all I had had no real life experience and didn't fancy growing up anyway! Adults seemed way too serious and stressed.

  When you are still in school your vision of the world can be pretty limited. Your life experience has been mostly at the mercy of the culture, society, social values and expectations that you were brought up around. Also whether you are male or female conditions us to have expectations still of occupations suitable to a specific gender. This is particularly the case for those of us who left school thirty to forty years ago! Before the age of computers and the internet. 

  Nowadays too, deciding on a career isn’t easy. If you haven’t figured it out yet, you’re not alone. Among college students, over 75% of incoming freshman haven’t picked a major, and more than half of college students will change their major at least once. Most , probably have no idea what they 'want to be'. 
   Times Have Changed. 

 Whatever age you are now and whatever experience you have, no job working for a boss is truly safe. Years ago, people chose an occupation and stayed in it for 40 years to get a pension and retire. With the age of artificial intelligence, robot workers and digital technology, a large number of jobs have become obsolete. This is a fast growing trend. The good news is that rather than working for a boss there are many more ways you can create your own job and have the flexibility and freedom to work where and when you choose.

    Create Your Own Job. 

  The advancements and simplification in the area of digital technologies and education have opened up a whole new world of possibilities to create your own job. You can retrain at any age to run a very profitable online business, even with very minimal computer skills. As the technologies have simplified and become cheaper, and therefore more accessible, the possibilities have skyrocketed. You can promote products you love and earn affiliate commissions. You can set up a blog and share your gifts with others around the world 24/ 7. If you have a talent that allows you to produce something others need, then you have a forum to sell that to the world. You can create, promote and sell E- Books delivered instantly on-line anywhere in the world. The possibilities are endless and expanding daily.

      Where To Start?  

  After trying many opportunities where I was left to 'work it out' on my own, I have come to realise that it is hugely beneficial if you can get the education, support and mentorship needed to truly learn and be successful. Without this missing piece, it can become very disillusioning and more than often tasks seem too hard and you just give up! The most successful education will always start with a simple personal growth style course. Looking at your attitude toward work, knowledge of yourself and beliefs. This is very inspiring and well worthwhile. You will get to understand your own unique knowledge, gifts and value to others. Then you are ready to be guided to learn new skills that will set you on the road to creating your own job and the freedom and creativity that unleashes.

Create your own job  

  On my journey, I finally found the perfect formula of education and mentorship in the digital training world with the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy. I felt really inspired by their commitment to helping as many people as possible create a new future and freedom lifestyle for themselves, friends and family. To help change the world in a meaningful way. Their education and mentorship also offer the support of a like-minded community of people all around the world. I can never feel alone, others are always there, learning and sharing with me. There is no competition in a world where you are all sharing and growing together. We are creating this new world together.  

 Creating your own job is simply possible for anyone willing to put their head down, learn new skills and re-educate. Everyone is more than capable of becoming a successful merchant in this New Digital Age.

 If you'd like to learn more about the opportunities available through leveraging Digital Skills and Education then I'd love to share some extra information with you. This is a Free 7 Day Video Series that will give you so many more insights into what's possible in this booming Digital Era.

Time to Create Your own job !  

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