How To Start In A Big City?

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How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying, " No, I can't do that, I never did that before, Without even trying? 

Caracas was exactly as I had imagined it. Lots of traffic, tall buildings, lots of people on the streets running to get to their place of work. The Avila Mountains and the cable car.  At that time, they had just started to build the Subway and there were lots of construction sites on the streets. In the first month, I stayed at home and helped my aunt with the housework while she was trying to find a job for me.  


My first work experience

In the evenings, I used to go to school and, one day when I got home, my aunt was waiting for me. She was very excited and hugged and kissed me and said that she got me a job. I was happy but at the same time, I was afraid of not being able to do it right. My aunt told me that they were going to teach me everything about the job.  I did not have to worry. I could not sleep well all of that night because I was thinking about the new job. 

The next day we got up early. We had breakfast and she took me to the place where I had to start working. It was a photo studio located in ‘ Centro Simon Bolivar ‘ and the owners were a very nice middle-aged couple. They introduced me to two other people who worked for them. One of them was pregnant and she was about to take maternity leave and I was to replaced her.

In the morning, she taught me how to make photocopies and when somebody came to request a photocopy I made it.  I found it to be a very easy job. In the evening, she taught me how to make instant photos, it was very simple. We took the photo with a Polaroid camera, waited a couple of minutes until it had dried and then cut it.

I had to work from Monday to Friday. After a week I was able to work alone. The work environment was very good and I felt loved and valued. I was the youngest person there and I felt that they all wanted to take care of me. 

If you think something is possible it is, all you need is to hear your heart and take action. Start doing a new job that I never did before was a challenge for me, I trusted myself and I did it. If you are facing a new challenge in your life, trust yourself and do it.


To be continued………

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