Leadership - How to earn the Privilege to Serve?

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Any privilege that comes easy is sure to be flawed and unsustainable. Leadership is one such hard-earned privilege.

Why should any privilege come easy?

 If not hard-earned, many a time leadership fails to produce what is intended of it. This is a common observation that our history has stood testimony to time and again. After all, nature itself has given us a privilege of carrying the most complex neurological system on this planet subsequent to millions of years of evolution! Think...is it given to us for just loitering around with ease?

 It is fair enough then, that we are entitled to using this privilege bestowed upon us by nature responsibly, to serve not just ourselves but all life here. Unfortunately today, we seem to have fallen short of being conscious of this responsibility in the race towards our comforts versus sustaining our natural environment.

What are the necessary qualities to grow in leadership

 Now carry across this natural principle of "earning a privilege" in our day to day society. Unless we earn the privilege to lead, by overcoming constant trials & tribulations, be it workplace or home, we will not grow into our true potential. How could we then become capable enough to inspire or serve others to reach their true potential? That won't be a possibility for us. A leader is tempered over time in the furnace of life to become resilient enough to take every beating that comes his way. The making of a leader thus becomes an organic process, influenced by both the evolution of our inner self as well as managing external societal factors.

 By inner evolution, I mean the need to enhance perception to gain the necessary clarity of vision. This should be the first and foremost hard step taken by any leader. Enhancing perception is possible only through self-transformation. This self-transformation can be better achieved through disciplining spiritual practices like yoga & meditation. It does take a striving to stay on track with unwavering focus during this inward journey. But it is well worth the priceless result of experiencing a unique sense of wholeness & inclusiveness within. Besides this, an unwavering commitment coupled with total involvement towards any activity we do in our day to day life, be it small or big, will lead us towards this self-transformation.

 It is only by way of this inner self-transformation that a leader will be capable of maintaining the balance needed in the face of uncertainties while making himself/herself vulnerable to the outside. The vulnerability is an essential leadership quality in order to willingly take on responsibility & accountability to hold other's well being above one's own when required.

 This growth process is quite challenging for most of us in the absence of a conducive motivating atmosphere. Once we are fortunate enough to receive the necessary motivation, it becomes our responsibility to, recognise it, focus and strive towards achieving these necessary qualities. It is only through posing unpredictable challenges one after another, that the society chooses its leader.

A choice of passion-driven service in today's digital world

 Unlike providing any service to just earn an income in return, what if we could choose to provide our own passion-driven service to today's society? The effort we put into such a service is bound to bring the sense of fulfilment that each one of us seeks in life.

 This is a new age opportunity we can access through learning to use the various online digital platforms offered by today's internet. But providing such a personally driven service to society though quite interesting, might seem challenging for those of us used to just completing tasks ordained by others in our work life. This kind of working to order mindset definitely has its pros & cons. And it is exactly this mindset that most of us struggle to get out from before undertaking the challenge of taking total ownership of our life.

Finding the right motivation & education

 To be able to harness this new age opportunity you have to evolve into a creative leader, or in other words a "digital entrepreneur". Finding a motivating atmosphere to inspire, guide and support along the way is paramount as you learn to provide consistent & persistent quality service to a global audience through the various available online platforms. Nevertheless, the goal of achieving a lifestyle of freedom & fulfilment by providing a service using my ingenuity & creativity is what drives me to give it my best shot.

 The motivation & education is being offered by the training program that I have found recently. It is designed to equip you with digital platform skills, educate you about online marketing strategies, and equally focuses on taking you through a personal development process which is essential to evolve insight & leadership in your chosen area of service. They have a highly supportive global community of, digital marketing experts, a team of mentors & online entrepreneurs. In order to provide a clearer understanding of what this opportunity is all about, and how it provides a lifestyle of freedom by working online from anywhere anytime, they offer a "free 7 part video series"

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