Life Coach - What If You Could Create Your Own Future, Really?

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Life Coach Nick Struan challenges you to think about your your potential

What if you really could design and create your own future?

Life Coach Nick says: "What if we are the creators of our future and all we have to do, is to learn how to do it. Would that not be the most exciting thing you have ever experienced."

Imagine sitting down with a piece of paper and a pen, and whatever you wrote on that paper would come through! But bullocks you say, "it's not true".   Why would you think its not true?

Because your neighbor doesn't believe that.  Or "they" the committee called "they". Have you ever stopped to think , who are "they" and what do "they" really know about you and what you can achieve or not?

Most people I try to teach at first don't believe it could possibly be true, they really want it to be true, but are fearful that if it's not they will end up with little or no hope.  Even if I give them a small exercise to do, they end up not doing it. Though it would prove to themselves, beyond the shadow of doubt that these forces really exist.

We have heard how we are taught that the whole world is different to what it actually is and how a few wealthy families actually owns the whole world financially and yet to us it makes little sense as most of us has little influence or indeed care about what these families get up to.

Earl Nightingale, in the world famous, "Strangest Secret in the World" tells the story about how most people are just following each other for no other reason than that's what their parents did before them. A coal miners son would become a coal miner, a doctors son or daughter would become a doctor, just because that's either is expected of them or that's all they know.

Many young people dream of becoming singers or actors, but never do simply because their parents discourage them from trying. 95% of doctors don't want to be doctors really, they hate their job with a passion, because they had the dream of helping people, but find themselves to be simple order takers of prescription medicine working for the pharmaceutical companies.

Most professional likewise have grown a sincere dislike to their profession. They dreamt of having money and lifestyle, like in the olden days, but nowadays spending 8 hours in the practice seeing 8 -10 patients per hour, listening to all kinds of simple complaints, make scripts for medicine would drive even the most passionate doctor insane and it does.

So , what is the answer to all this. It's all very good to point out that the whole world is a mess without offering some form of hope for a better future.

We must however, just face the reality that not everyone has big dreams or wants to have a lifestyle, where you don't have to look for every dollar and living from hand to mouth.

This expression (hand to mouth) was very real in the 1800 rds where poverty was so rampant, and so people would make a few shillings (English Money) and immediately buy food to feed their family.

We are of course a lot more better off now, right? No one does this anymore or do they. Do you know of anyone, who's has already spend their last money, long time before they actually get paid again?

So we are not trying to help everyone, only the people who stick their hand up, saying "Me, please help me" and even amongst those are people who just like the attention and the prospect of getting something for nothing.

A good way is to see what people actually do before deciding if they are really worth investing in, especially many young people today.   Show Me The Money

They know they don't want to follow in the footsteps of their parents and that they have to do something different, but their programming is strong already and many parents even though they really love their kids, do not, deep inside,  want them to succeed, because it will show themselves up as lazy people.

So they stop them from achieving by subtle remarks like: Yes you can do it, but don't lift your expectations up to high or never mind, go ahead and try "You can only fail"

These remark creates doubt and fear and eventually the young person will fail, like everyone does on their way to success. Then they step in a deal the final blow. "See I told you so!" or "Never mind dear, it was not meant to happen" like they suddenly has become an authority on success.

I remember in my earlier days, having begun a venture without the consent of my parents, when told my Mother said "So who's going to pay all those debts when you fail".  Is my mother a bad person? Doesn't she love me?

Of course she does, but like most parents they don't want to see their kids hurt, so their own fears stops you from even trying.

Failing is a natural progression towards success and is not to be feared, but to be embraced as a friend. Nicolai Tesla, who invented the alternating currents and illuminated the world, failing hundreds of time before eventually succeeding.

The Wrights brothers who made it possible for us all to fly in an aircraft, were bicycle mechanic before by trial and error they managed to get an airplane to fly.  Not failing just one time, but hundreds of times. Every failure only gets you one step closer to your dream coming true.

If you can see it and believe it, Napoleon Hill wrote in his famous book "Think and Grow Rich", You can achieve it!  You can too: here

So find out what you really want, believe that you will have it. Make a plan on what you will do in return (There's no such thing as something for nothing), so you must give off yourself in one way or another.

Say you are good at playing basketball, then you may be able to teach that or you know how to construct something, write something, paint something or whatever. Just take action in some way, it does not have to be in the same area as what you are wishing for.

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By Nick Struan

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