Mindfulness - Meaning, Reasons Why, Get Started

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Distracted? Stressed? A bit frazzled? You are not the only one. For all its benefits, our technologically charged 24/7 world isn't always easy to live in. Mindfulness offers a much-needed antidote.

But what is this mindfulness thing? We hear about it, we read about it, it pops out on us from our PC screens. What does it really mean?

As complicated as it seems to be, an answer to this question is beautifully simple.

-    Living in the moment.  -

The moment when you consciously:

  • Scan your body for poor posture and adjust accordingly
  • Look for a tension in your jaw, shoulders or back and relax them
  • Take a walk on your way home observing the colours around you, feeling the air on your face
  • Explore your meal for its texture and taste, relishing each bite and stopping when you are full.

It's about appreciating and savouring the here and now. It's about being aware of every little moment from when we wake up until we go to bed.

Tempted to find out why mindfulness is one of the hottest topics nowadays?

Reason 1

Because mindfulness makes us calmer and kinder. It makes us live more in the present than in the past or future. The past can not be changed. The future can be more colourful if the mind is awake. Perceptive mind brings clarity to life.

Reason 2

It helps us to recognise thought patterns that escalate into negative reactions such as anger. Once we can recognise these reactions, we can learn not to react. But send the distracting thoughts away. It's a wonderful natural remedy for anyone who suffers from anxiety, worries, fear or phantasies.

Reason 3

It allows us to manage stressful situations and to become more relaxed. It's a source of lasting peace while technology is a source of constant distraction.

Hopefully, these 3 reasons did catch your attention to consider finding a few minutes a day to build up your route to mindfulness. For one simple reason only. To become a happier human being!

How to start practising?

Tool №1                Meditation 


A few minutes a day sitting still with the leg crossed in meditation can have a positive impact on your health. Your focus on daily activities can improve, you become more organised and efficient. All these qualities can benefit not only your personal life but your business or career, too.

It's worth to try. Normally, it takes 21 days to create a habit. Challenge yourself, enjoy the process and notice the changes.

If it is going to be your first trial or if you find it difficult to tame your thoughts, accept help from professionals. There is a number of books, podcasts, courses and techniques how to bring meditation into our life.

I recommend a mobile app called Headspace. They offer ten guided sessions as a taster. That will give you a basic idea how to start. If you like it and you can see the first benefits message me for a code for next 30 days trial. I have got a few vouchers to give out for those who take action. They are special codes I earned for my meditation milestones. It's time to share. On behalf of mindfulness 😉

My new challenge is 90 days in a row. Today it is the day 67. I feel energised even though I sleep less. My thoughts are happy, even though I'm in pain, nerve inflammation in cervical vertebrae. Normally, I would react to the situation badly. I would hate life because I can't move, each position for a longer time like sitting, standing, lying is irritating, not saying about changing from one position to another. However, my meditation makes me a better person. I'm grateful that it is not worse than just inflamed nerve. I accepted that my body asked for the rest. I respect this request and I believe I'll be fit soon.


Moreover, I believe that sharing my vouchers with you, will help you to accomplish your challenge or overcome annoying burden, too.

So hurry up, collect your code, test guided meditation.

And of course, I'd love to hear all about it!

with love