The change of my life

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This will be the first part of my story about the change in my life.

I have made a huge decision by chancing my life after being fired from my job just before Christmas. I decided not to find another 9 to 5 job and repeat the same patterns with either acidic colleagues, an incompetent boss or long work hours. 
I visit for motivation videos and find a video with James Melouney, an author, a speaker, a consultant and a digital entrepreneur and he talked about The Six Figure Mentors and "How To Start A Profitable Online Business Starting From Scratch!" by 7 videos for free right in my mailbox.

I started watching the videos, one video a day (7 videos in all), and after the first day I had no doubt this was the path in my life. And even though I had to learn new skills, I was so excited and could feel the happiness of learning new things and alter my mindset. So I started learning about many things in marketing and online business e.g List Building.

My dream is definitely to have my own online business some day. But for now I am learning so much and have so much support in SFM/DEA, that I have been investing in my self and my future business in becoming ELITE + in SFM and SILVER in DEA and want to continue being a part of this fantastic community.

So my journey continues and I am placing ads and have made my own Facebook page Power Life Now.


To be continued........

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