Are You Fighting for Something or Just to Survive?

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Do you feel that you're waking up every day and your life is just a constant fight for survival? Are you so busy trying to keep up with the struggles of everyday life that you haven't even had the time to think about what you want to do or where you want to be in life? We have a solution for your problems, and it doesn't involve running away from them! But more so facing them and putting the correct plans in place that will not only improve your fight for survival but ultimately give you something to fight for!

As Cool Financial Freedom we have the utmost respect for anyone who has devoted their careers towards a company or business, whether that be public, private or government. Achieving your grades, getting a degree, finding a good job in a good business or industry, and working as hard as you can for as long as you can is what we all learn from those that teach us. These are not teachings we should take for granted, as they are valuable and true. Unless you have the absolute desire to move from an employee to employer/entrepreneur. 

When we hear the word entrepreneur we sometimes think it means building a business that will cost millions, to begin with, and require plenty of staff to maintain. This, however, thanks to the internet, has changed. We no longer require millions to begin with and we have all the authority to maintain our entrepreneurial lifestyle as a one man band should we choose to do so. We are now also able to access these opportunities and gain the skills required while maintaining our full-time jobs and our current responsibilities.

We have seen plenty of adverts, programs, and platforms that offer people the education they need to leverage the internet and ultimately work from home. Some of them work well on the basis of telling people that they can finally quit the job they hate and begin to live life on their own terms. Even though these platforms might work, we, on the contrary, prefer not to see it as an escape the life you hate situation, but more a case of improving the struggles you currently have by investing your time and money into chasing your dreams, situation! We believe that these platforms become even more valuable when you begin to use them within your fight for survival. Because if you stick to it long enough and put in the time and effort required you will realize that the sacrifice is worth the effort, turning your fight for survival into something that is worth fighting for!

We all might have dreams of becoming a famous sportsman or woman, but unless we have the talent and the training we know that we cannot achieve it. The difference about the internet is that you do not need the talent, all you need is the training, the will power and the work ethic. That is something we all have access too, we just need to put our minds to work, focus on it long enough and sooner rather than later we will begin to see the results. This will enable our hearts to gain the belief we need to keep going! That my friend is something to fight for, something that can take a struggle and turn it into a heart's desire for success!

The risk is worth it when it allows you to invest in something, that will allow you to find something that is worth fighting for? That is of course if you feel that currently, all you're doing is fighting just to survive, but you long for and hunger for something more! I promise you, should you find it, your fight for survival will change. You won't be doing it to escape your problems, situation, or run away from anything you feel you cannot overcome or overpower. You will run towards it with more courage, more strength and more audacity.


Because when you find something worth fighting for, you will very quickly realize that it requires nothing but your best efforts to make it work and your best efforts will never derive from a position where you want to escape your problems. It needs to derive from a position where you're willing to face them, become better than what you were before, and overcome them! That is why you can know, understand and believe, that should you find something to fight for, you will also gain the ability to keep fighting. Because anything that helped you to overcome the challenges you face now, anything that helped you to face your problems and beat them, will become something so valuable to you that it will unleash your true potential which is a recipe for success, 100% of the time!

Here are 5 Questions and Answers on how you can become Bold and Brave enough to commit towards a lifestyle of finding something to fight for and not just fighting for survival:

  1. Why is anyone capable of chasing their dreams online? Because even though none of us are perfect, we are all special, and each of us has unique talents and expertise that can be leveraged on the internet to a far greater extent than outside of the internet.
  2. Why should I face my problems and not just do this online thing to become rich? Because money pursued in the wrong way can do more harm than good and money does not automatically take away your problems. But money pursued correctly, passionately and authentically, will allow you to create a brand and service that provides value and is reliable!
  3. Why should I find something to fight for? Because we all need balance in our lives, and when you chase your dreams you provide a balance between the things you have to do and the things you want to do. Having both is important, having only the first of doing only the things you have to do is a recipe for unfulfillment.
  4. What if I try and it does not work? Trying is the hardest part, making it work will purely be a result of you being able to become the absolute best person you can be, which is not dependant on the platform you chose, purely the decisions you make. If you work long enough and hard enough at it, you will soon realize that becoming the best you can be is the best life to live, and it only starts by trying, not by failing.
  5. But I have a career and good opportunities, how can I just leave that or ignore that? Don't, it is important to value what you have and respect the opportunities others have given you. All your learnings from your current lifestyle and career will benefit you going forward. That is why the internet allows us to build our business online outside of our current job and responsibilities. All you need to do is be willing to sacrifice your lifestyle for your dreams, a topic which we have discussed in detail in our first blog post and is available on Digital Bloggers. What you need to realize above all else, is that employee status, irrespective of the success, will never, and I mean never provide the opportunities of employer/entrepreneur status. If you want to be able to change the world and really make a difference, you cannot do so on a large scale if you're chasing some else's dream instead of your own.

We hope this blog has been helpful and if you have any comments or questions please do not hesitate to contact us with the links below. Also, keep an eye on your mailbox or make sure you follow our blog, which you can also access through our website because next week we will be discussing each of these last 5 points in detail!

As Cool Financial Freedom we've found a platform that has helped us to chase our dreams and find something to fight for! We firmly believe that it can do the same for you, and if you're interested, here are a few links for you to use:

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