When Is The Best Time To...

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...do everything - from to drink your coffee to go for a run or to deal with your business more efficiently while working fewer hours. All based on our biology and hormones.

All it needs is just a few tweaks to our lifestyle and schedules.

I was taken away by the fact how my productivity has improved by changing such a little thing as having my cup of coffee at 10am instead of first thing in the morning. Making minor changes to our daily routine can positively influence many factors in our life including losing weight, becoming more creative, solving problems, improving mood. Thanks to sleep doctor Michael Breus and his book THE POWER OF WHEN I believe there is a right time to do just about everything. 

Finding out which is my chronotype and putting the advice of sleep doctor into practice has had a massive impact on me. I get up rested, I'm looking forward to my day, I'm more focused, I complete more tasks and I still have time left for myself and my dearest ones. What's even better, it all happened in very short time. I can't be quiet. I have to share all this with you. Because you too can discover your body's inner clock and get maximum out of your life. Sync with your natural rhythm, listen to your genetic inheritance and allow yourself to achieve your goals faster. Not only you will increase your productivity but boost your health and happiness.

Now, you must be thinking, why do we have to figure out our bio-rhythms? Our bodies and brains are designed to do everything automatically on their own. Is that not a natural function of our bodies? The fact is that for 50,000 years we’ve kept perfect bio-time, but in the past 125, all the technological advances of modern life — artificial light, air travel, instant communication, caffeine — have knocked the natural rhythm of our biology horribly out of sync, affecting our relationships, careers and health.

Remember, the good news is it doesn’t take much to get your clocks back on time. The key is to know what time your biological clock runs on. Different people fall into different classifications, based on sleep drive, and require different tweaks.

  • Most humans fall broadly into one of four sleep categories
  • Sleep doctor Michael Breus has named each after an animal
  • Figuring out your sleep category could help you get more rest, become better version of you

If you would like to optimize not only your business but your whole file, go for it! Take Dr. Breus's comprehensive Bio-Time Quiz to find which chronotype (a Lion, Bear, Wolf or Dolphin) you are and then make little changes or substitutions to build up your perfect day. 


My breakthrough, as a Bear, was realizing when my cognitive peak is. I'm aware that I'm most alert mid morning between 10-12 and most productive early afternoon between 12-2. I supplement my alertness with a cup of green coffee in the first block. And major changes? I deal with the tasks of the highest importance and priority at this time. All is sorted faster and more efficiently. The piles of paperwork and lists to do have been reduced. My discipline has been build. A new found drive is pushing me forwards. Noticeable results are putting the smile on my face , even bigger than normally. In general, I'm more passionate about all what I do. I guess I do the things at the right time! How about you? Leave a comment below, share with me and other readers what was your breakthrough? Together, we may figure out a more tailored schedule for each chronotype.

Have fun uncovering your persona. 



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