A Better Conversation

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A conversation contains verbal and nonverbal expressions. So you should always be aware of both. Of course, you have heard it before, nonverbal expressions are more effective in the discussion but you should not neglect the words that come out of your mouth because once they are out, they never go back...

Are you having difficulties conversing with other people?

Do You Get Stuck In Conversations?

Sometimes we start a conversation and we feel that it is not going anywhere. You know why? because we try to hold to our opinion as it is the correct one, we stop listening to the person in front of us. I think that is wrong because the key to a good conversation is to listen and understand other's point of view.

The problem when you hold to your idea or opinion as it is right 100%, you program your mind to stop listening to whatever they are saying, because you think in your mind "No way I am wrong, No way I will let this person convince me, I will be ashamed if I let my opinion down..."

And if the person in front of you hold to his "golden" opinion just like you, well, guess what? the conversation will never have an end. You will go on and on all day long without any result, you will lose your time and energy...

Why don't we listen to others carefully and try to understand them? Everyone is unique, everyone has a different and special opinion, why don't we just respect it?

How to Lead a Better Conversation

So to lead a better conversation, a fruitful one, you should start changing yourself first. The next time you are having a hard time, at work with your colleague, at home with your spouse/husband or at a bar with a stranger, try to observe your attitude, your reactions, and your words...

Are you letting the situation gets over you? If so, control yourself, control your emotions and don't forget to breathe. I believe any conversation can have a happy ending.

Be aware of your interlocutor's reaction, facial expressions, and body language. Bear in mind that sometimes people might have a disconnection between their face and their minds.

One time I walked by a friend in the university and said hello, he replied with an unusual facial expression, so I asked him later on and guess what, he was surprised about the facial expression he was communicating. This is what I meant by disconnection.

So yeah, back to our subject.

Where was I? Oh, yes I was saying don't forget to analyze body language.

When you are open minded and you listen well, things can't go wrong. Sure sometimes you will have difficulties with some people who just don't get it, but don't worry, that is normal and reward yourself by saying "here is a challenge, I will accept it and take advantage of it in order to grow".

Try to listen to others and enjoy it, speak when you only need to, ask smart and brilliant questions and don't be afraid to say "Can you please repeat that, I didn't understand what you just said", by the way, I do that every time I don't understand.

Don't just nod with your head like a yo-yo ;-)

How to End a Conflict in a Conversation

If you feel that the conversation is not going anywhere, unleash your creativity and your smart brain.

To get things moving, if you are at work and your interlocutor starts getting angry, maybe shouting at you, just stay calm and don't let the situation gets you nervous.

When you are nervous, your mind can control neither your body language nor your verbal expressions. Instead, stay peaceful and try to calm your interlocutor. One way to do that is to give them credit on something right they said. You can tell them "I agree with you on this point but...".

Follow these steps and I can assure your interlocutor will calm down and understand that you are here for a better conversation.

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