A doable change!

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A doable change

To face changes in our life is natural and inevitable. We go through life's journey with expectations and dreams. We produce our story of reality while interacting with people around us. Do you believe your destiny is already written? 

I do believe that I am my own captain even if we sometimes can't control what we encounter in life we can, and should handle how we want to do deal with it.

In my earlier blog "Keep it simple" I discussed the importance to put our future goals on paper. To let that thought, that dream become real and visible.

Now if we want this change, this dream of ours to become real we must put in some action and most of all, make it doable.

Breake it down

By breaking down your idea into little pieces, small doable steps it suddenly feels more realistic. You might actually start to believe that this vision of you changing your "destiny" is possible. Now to hold on to that belief you have to go further.

Be inspired

The next step will be to surround yourself with inspiration, read, listen or watch videos about what it is you wish to achieve. Feel it, have a taste of it and be inspired to keep on working with this.

Book an appointment

Set an alarm clock or wright your name in the calendar and spend some little time everyday doing something out of that doable list you made. If doing this consistently you will come closer to your goal a little step at a time.

Calculate risks

Make a list of all the greatness this change would provide you with. Then make a list of all the feelings you would have if you don't follow thru. Put them somewhere visible as a reminder every day.


You have now made your thought real, you persisted no matter what do make this change. You have now made your vision real and changed your destiny and outcome in life. 

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