A strange series of events !

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What strange series of events brought us to this place in time ?

A question that often springs to mind as we go through life, experiencing the many and unusual things that arise from our actions and interactions with others.

Hi everyone, Roger from Nudgepositive here, just wanted to share some thoughts with you today on that wonderful thing we call life. This journey we are all on can seem hard to figure out sometimes ,can't it ? Quite often the things we do, the places we find ourselves, the people we share our time with can all seem like its 'just happening ' around us? Its not until afterwards when we look back that we can see the connections and realise that the choices we made brought us here 'to this place in time'.

When we start to think about this more it makes us realise that if the things we did in the past got us here, then the choices we make today will shape our future ! That can be quite scary but at the same time liberating and empowering do you not think ? If we truly can shape our future then surely we have a responsibility to make it the 'best' future we can imagine ? We all want to live in a better future,,,right?

If it is possible for everyone to do this for themselves, and I believe it is, and to help others do the same in their lives along the way, turning negativity into positivity and creating a better world for all then we must feel duty bound to practice this everyday. This movement has already started and is gaining momentum, technology and communications are the tools we can use to increase awareness of this way of thinking to a vast number of peple.

We have at our fingertips the means to reach out to people all around the world and be part of the evergrowing community of enthusiastic people who want to share the roadmap to a better future.

So lets not waste anymore time, lets get to work each day to do one small thing that gets us closer to that goal. Positive thoughts make positive things happen!


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