Abraham and your Inner being. Is there a difference?


So as people understand that their Inner Being is part of the Abraham-Family, they then might start to wonder:

Does my Inner Being have something to say to me over and beyond what you Abraham have to say to me?
The answer is no.

Your inner being might have to say something more specific in any moment in time.
Such as:
• this is a good idea
• this feels good
• I love the fragrance of this rose
• I love this site that I am seeing through your eyes

Your inner being is more intimate, but it is not reaching for different criteria to interact with you.
Let’s see if we can put this into a perspective.

We try to find a way of expressing this without adding any distortion.
Because sometimes as we speak non-physical through physical terms there is a little distortion that is applied.

And we want to avoid that.

So here you are as physical focused consciousness. And of course, you can’t separate yourself from the consciousness of your source.

And that stream that we are calling source includes your inner being. And the family of consciousness that you’re inner being is with.

The Abraham group that you are talking about, as well as "all that is" that some call god.

And so to separate that stream out and try to define it
- Fist of all is NOT POSSIBLE
- Second, it is not very much recommended

That stream that is flowing is coming forth in response to you in different levels of your consciousness.
In other words, your inner being is the most intimate non-physical aspect of you.

But your inner being is NEVER SINGULAR

Your inner being is a consciousness that is constantly surrounded by the ENERGY that MATCHES its VIBRATION.

And so to try to separate your inner being from its greater family of consciousness is counterproductive.
Because, of course, you all wanting the fullness of that.

So then you might say, does that mean that my inner being is not as much, as the family of which it comes forth or resides in?

And we say, of course not. Any more than 1 thought is more than 5 thoughts.

So how do I interact with my inner being? How do I relate to my inner being? And we say we would like you to begin thinking of your inner being as YOU. As the broader perspective of you.

When Esther first began receiving us, she has been encouraged to know who was her spiritual guide. And she had never heard the expression before. But she liked the idea of it.

And as she began meditating, all that was in her mind was: I want to know who my spiritual guide is?
And that thought that generated within her was: there is somebody interested in me.

Aware of me. Somebody who knows when I am about to be in trouble.

Who will guide me around trouble? Spiritual guide. But the more she began to interact with us, the more she realized that we are not wanting to guide her around trouble. That was not our method at all.

But we were more resonating, more reverberating the vibration of well being. And when she got in sink or tune with that, then she would live well being.

So we translated that and we were guiding her to where she wanted to go rather than away from what she didn’t want.

So for a while, as she was addressing Abraham, she asked, who is my spiritual guide? And in response to that question, she heard us say, I am ABRAHAM.

We never said I AM Abraham, the just were Abraham.

We just projected the energy that is Abraham and Esther received " I am Abraham" because she couldn’t receive an answer to a question that she wasn’t asking.

In other words, she perceived us as singular and so she received us as singular.

But through time, little by little, we were able to chat more. And as more people were asking questions, more and more of Jerry’s questions began being satisfied, Esther began to feel that we were more than singular.

She began to hear us when we said: "we". She began to feel what you were talking about here.

The depth of Abraham’s answers

She could feel the breadth and depth of the energy relative to some questions OR a shallower or narrower response relative to others

And she began to recognize that Abraham is coming in proportionate response to the question that is being defined in any moment.

So then as we began to tell Esther and others that we are en ENDLESS Energy STREAM and that we are always present.

But that her experience with us, would be proportionate to her ability to receive us and allow us.
Then she began to understand her relationship with us.

In the beginning, her relationship with us was VERY DIFFERENT from now.

She sat in a chair because she didn’t think that she could stand. She kept her eyes shut because she didn’t think she could see. She barely allowed the words to come through her.

Her body was rigid and holding to the chair. There were tremendous tension and resistance, as we sort of "plowed" our way through.

She allowed us to utter those conditions.

And over time as she relaxed and released more and more resistance - she is allowing a fuller, more intimate relationship with Abraham than anyone we’ve ever interacted with, really.

And then you say, well, how do I know the difference between my inner being and Abraham? Or the difference from my inner being and that BROADER energy, that I might even call god?

• The less you try to quantify the more you will allow the fullness of all that you need and want it to be. 

Names and Labels ALWAYS LIMIT. Because it causes you to conjure something that is different from what is.

Ether knows that she will relax and you will ask the questions and that ideas will flow her. And she does not spend any time trying to figure out where they are coming from or the validity of them.

She just allows them to flow in this trusting attitude that all is well as the result of the interchange.
But you are right. There is an expectation that she holds.

In fact, the expectation is so in place that even if she would have an argument with the hotel manager on the way into the room relative to something.

Once she stands here and says, I am ready to receive, she easily drops behind any resistant thought that she has.

And she allows her expectation of the energy that is Abraham to dominate her vibration.

And it works very well for her.

How does one know that you are in the right frequency to receive your inner being? How do you know that you are there?

Is it strictly a matter of HOW IT FEELS?

Yes. And with time and testing, you will know for sure. In other words, more and more as you play with it and receive it you know it.

Until it becomes so NATURAL that you don’t think about it. It’s like a groove that just happens that is easy for you to slip in to.

And then the next intent can be the next horizon that you are reaching for.


to be continued.....

thank you so much for joining me in this article. can't wait to see you in the continuation of it.

Expect it soon. 

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