Adopt This Mindset To Achieve Success

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It happens so frequently. People say they are going to do things, they even tell their friends and family about it, however down the road, in a week or in a couple of months time, they quit.

They quit because they can't be bothered, they get bored, it gets uncomfortable, or they let life get in the way.

Think of those New Year Resolutions. Do people commit to them? (I'm sure we all know the answer to that)

There are many reasons why people quit, and I'm sure that there is research that list the psychological reasons behind this, some people even use these reasons to justify their decision of quitting.

The problem with quitting however is that it doesn't lead to success. It is such a simple and obvious statement but it is worth reading it again:

Quitting does not equal success.


Think of the moment when you gave up on something, did you think to yourself “I don't want to succeed” or “It's not really worth me attaining this goal, I am happy to fail here”, because that is what you're doing, you're choosing failure over success.

Again it's obvious but it seems not too many people grasp this concept.

If you quit, you fail.

Let's make it even more obvious. Let's say that you make a plan to get into shape, you sign up for the gym and go 5 days a week, but a few months down the road you stop going to the gym, you can't be bothered to endure the daily struggle, the struggle of eating healthy foods, to say no to dessert, and to get on that treadmill.

You give up. Do you say to yourself in that moment “it's not worth it, getting healthy isn't for me”? Of course not, you probably don't even think about anything except that you want to get out of that place of pain and back into your comfort zone again – comfort food back on that comfortable couch.

Think about the last thing that you gave up on, think about what you would've accomplished if you didn't give up, no doubt you would be closer to achieving it by now.

But you did quit, it was within your grasp, you were on your way to achieving that goal, but you chose failure instead, you chose the easy road, the road most people choose.

In order to succeed in all things, you need to adopt a mindset of not giving up. Follow through until you attain your goals. Don't quit, never quit, remove the option to quit. Success is a by-product of following through, again this is obvious but let me reiterate that:

If you follow through, success is incidental.


That means all you have to do to be successful is to follow through.

I am learning Polish and when I started I was enthusiastic and eager to get it done, but over time as the lessons got difficult I began to struggle and even boredom set in because I felt like I was plateauing. It would've been so easy for me to just give up and put the TV on instead, but I knew that success is not about quitting, if I wanted to learn Polish I had to keep going. I'm glad that I did!

Think about what it feels like AFTER the thing is done

If you are going out for a run, think about that runners high. Need to hit the gym everyday? Think about that sense of accomplishment when you're back home and in the shower. Think about that, and then go do it!

Call to action

If you want to succeed in anything then you have to decide now that you'll follow through on it until it is completed.

Boredom doesn't get a vote, negativity doesn't get a vote, QUITTING DOESN'T GET A VOTE.

It is time to succeed.


So what are the things that you need to follow through on? Are there certain mindsets that help you in achieving your goals?


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