Am I suitable for the role?

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Am I suitable for the role?

As a mother of 5 beautiful children, I can´t say I have bin out there learning new business strategies for the last couple of years. I get scared when imagining my self siting in a room full of handsome people in suits. I have an image of me siting there in my sweatpants, messy hair and dark circels under my eyes from the constant lack of sleep. No need to say I would have no idea of what the terms everybody uses means. Like Stuart my mentor mentioning ROI and I´m like, "running out of ink"?

So a bit scared, should I consider quitting now before I make a complete fool out of my self? I already told my family and friends I´m starting an online business. You know what? Of course, I´m not going to quit. Infact I can tell you exactly what qualities beeing a mother of one teenager and two setts of twins has given me.

First of all, your absolute top know how that motherhood gives you is the ability to multitask at a high level and be very organized. You also get expertise in getting ahead of things and stop conflicts before they actually happen. You learn how to handle allot of individual needs in a group, but also how to make the group work together to reach a goal as efficient and time saving as possible.

Further you know how to plan a big project and prepare the team in time, both mentally and with the right tools at hand. You are able to do this under high time pressure, with almost no sleep at all (not recommended) and without loosing your positive approach to the task at hand. After all, if you are negative the team will feel this and your negative energy will affect the outcome.

What I want to remind people of is that we learn new things every single day, we might not be aware of it but it´s still happening. That is a part of being human, to live is to compromise and we have to do this every day. Why not apply that to your goals and make your experiences give value to your vision making.

Be a bit selfish and lookinto yorself, vizualize what outcome you want and use all the tools life has given you to get there. This is what makes your story unique, true and of value to people. Because only by knowing your self first can you then serve and inspire other people to do the same. Now don´t get me wrong I don´t think you should show up at a business meeting in sweatpants but never ever hesitate to show up as you. That is something you don´t have to feel insecure about.

A couple of years a go I saw this documentary on Youtube (really bad at names) they were playing with the thought of future society. There would be no jobs to go to and people would not earn money. Instead everybody was providing value to society. Value that was unique for them, their special skills that was a combination of personal quality´s, experiences and interests.

That is really something to consider because when you share your inner you, your voice and value to the world. You´r really and truly provide meaning and doing this while feeling totaly fulfilled. Now that´s a job I would go to every day with a smile on my face, without doubt that I am suited for the role, only by being me.

Lucia Svoboda  Publisher and coach 

Myzenmarket    Digital marketing expert and publisher online