Are You Following Your Dreams?

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Unfortunately one of the many reasons some people will never find the courage to pursue their dreams is because they succeed in convincing themselves that they have too much too loose in trying. That could be a job or it might be a car or a house or a lifestyle, it could be a relationship or it may just be comfort and security in general.

We all have such limited finite amount of time on earth, life is so incredibly short and with every passing day, yours gets shorter. So the idea of feeling like you have something to lose is really just a self-imprisoning delusion that will prevent you from ever doing anything extraordinary that involves risk at all.

undefinedAn idea that might just condemn you to a life of mediocrity. An idea that will send you to your grave with all your good ideas and all your potential unfulfilled. And that is terrifying.

As you are reading this right now, I think it is important to ask yourself; what is it that ultimately matters more? Would I rather stick to the life I have settled for right now with this relative comforts, even though it is making me unhappy, or am I deserving of desiring and destined for more?

Your decision should be a no-brainer when you heed to the words of the late Steve Jobs who said “Remembering that I’m going to die someday is the best way to avoid the trap of thinking that I have something to lose”.undefined

None of this stuff is coming with us. We are already naked. There is nothing to lose in following your heart, only to gain. The only thing you have to lose is time spent living a life that isn’t true to you. 


So what are you afraid of trying? What have you succeeded in convincing yourself about in this life that you cannot do and are not willing to try? Do you want to go to your grave with all your good ideas and all your potential unfulfilled or you are going to instead convince yourself that you have got nothing to lose in following your heart?

Well, I decided to follow my heart when I watched this free videos series and realized that I had all to gain. So you have got nothing to lose, click on this link, follow the video series and decide if you want to live your dreams or take them with you. 

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