Are You Passive?

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Are you Passive?

I love that we live in the digital era, it has never been easier to share and connect with people all over the world. Internet is a place without time and space and I believe that all our knowledge is gathered here. Yet something has also bin forgotten, the ability to be present and active, not just an observer.

As we are overwhelmed with information we get paralyzed and instead of acting we are only searching for more and more information. Doing something new is almost scary to start before first have all information available out there, a perfect masterplan. You know what there is no perfect plan?

You will have to start, just start with something and you figure out a way as you proceed. There is no way to make it foolproof, we all make mistakes. That is how we learn new skills, natural. So instead of watching how other people do this and that online or on television, try it. Everybody´s a beginner at some point but as you fall, and then rise you also learn and get better.

Maybe you find your life passion? Who knows what happens when you try something new…So take care, be active and enjoy life…Love

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