Are You Steering Your Ship

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My boys and i when we hired a boat on holiday in Kefalonia.


When we hired a bout for the day I was obviously completely responsible for our trip and i had to do a short training session to be sure i could carry out the essential tasks (stop, start and using the anchor) before we were allowed to depart. I was provided with a map and given Instructions on the tides and likely travel distances. I listened and then we planned out a route for our day to involve calling into various bays with diving and lunch stops and allowed enough time to return. So we had a great day and acheived what we wanted and returned safely.

In life we need to be sure we know where we are wanting to go, what we want to do and how we are going to acheive it. If we don't set clear goals and have a plan of how we can acheive them we stand verty little chance of getting what we want out of life, instead you could find yourself just getting what randomly comes your way. I have used the SFM training to ensure i have a plan. 

Disclaimer: I am in no way a proffessional and i am simply sharing my personal experiences, wisdom, knowledge and understanding that have helped me.

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