Are you truly living life? If not, let fulfillment set you free.

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If you had the choice between living a life 'sleep walking' and living a life of fulfillment what would you choose?

What is a life of fulfillment?

In my opinion, a person living a life without fulfillment is choosing to sleep walk. Before choosing to live a life of fulfillment, I also used to see myself as an image of a walking dead.

What is life without fulfillment anyways?

Cambridge Dictionary defines fulfillment as “the fact of doing something that is necessary or something that someone has wanted or promised to do”. That’s definitely not what I mean by fulfillment, lets just clear this out right now.

The word fulfill in the context of this blog has a much deeper meaning; it means self-realization, joy and satisfaction. Therefore, living a life more fulfilled means living a conscious life with purpose and passion, and that’s fully aligned with your higher self.

It also means doing what you love doing and being able to serve value beyond yourself while simultaneously developing the best within you.

Do you feel like you’re living the life you’re meant to live? Or do you often think to yourself “there must be more to life than what I’m living”? If the latter applies to you then you're probably not living life as you should. You’ve got one life, and you need to live it to the more.

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