Who Is Writing The Story Of Your Life?

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Joseph Campbell said "We are so engaged in doing things to achieve purposes of outer value that we forget the inner value” The rapture that is associated with being alive, is what it’s all about. That in a nutshell dear friend is the name of the game.

undefinedYou have got to figure out what is it that actually makes you feel alive, and if you understand that this game of life you are playing is actually a game of brain chemistry and that nothing else matters, that there is no objective truth, there is no one path to glory, there is on one life for you to leave.

There is only the subjective truth, the thing inside you, that gut instinct, that little voice that whispers to you. You have got to learn to hear and trust it. You have got to learn to trust it by building it up. You have got to learn to trust it by taking actions, and god checking yourself and asking; is that me? Is that who I really want to be, or is that somebody else; cultural voice, your parents, my lover, whatever is trying to speak through me?

As Harley Davidson said, “When writing the story of your life, do not let anyone else hold the pen”.

So right now you ask yourself, who is writing your story? Is it you? Are you really listening to the voice in your head?  Are you looking at and leaving the things that give you the chills or are you trying to leave the life that someone else wants for you? And remember what Willian James said; you should act as if what you do matters because it does...

Every step you take, every thought that you allow to permute you mind, everything you are obsessed with, your dreams, the things that you want, the hopes that you spend your time with, they matter to you because they tell you who you are trying to become and ultimately those things that you let to monopolize your mind will become you.

undefinedSo, if someone else is holding the pen, if somebody else is forcing you to write something that doesn’t make you feel alive, then that is a life lost, and that is how you die, my friend before you ever had a chance to leave.


You won't imagine how a simple sentence can change someone's life. After listening to this short but wise words, I felt like a veil that was on my face had just been removed. So I decided I had to start writing my own story, not only writing my own story, but I thought that if it only required me to listen to such wise words to make a big jump in my life, then, there should be someone else out there who might need to listen or read these same words for his or her life to also take a new positive direction.

But, my challenge was to know how and from where I was going to begin writing my own story and stop leaving the life others want for me. Luckily enough we have the internet today where we can find almost anything we are looking for, though research can sometimes be overwhelming as we get bombarded with information and we can no longer make the difference between sincere and outright false information.

After years of researching for means and ways for me to begin in any small way to write the story of undefinedmy life, and falling into the hands of unscrupulous promises and programmes, and almost giving up, I actually thought all the dream lifestyle, writing your own story, etc was part of a big joke.

Then, I came across a series of videos like many others I have seen which explained to me how I could begin to write my own story, build my own business, live a dream lifestyle on my own terms, work if I chose to, from anywhere, spending time with the people I loved and doing the things that I loved doing in life.

Having fallen prey to almost all kinds of vain promises, you can imagine that I was not going to bow down before simple promises. And to make things even harder, my inner conversation popped in after watching the videos and said, "how on earth do you think living like they teach is possible?" "You have to face reality and know that life is not like in the movies."

I was skeptical, very skeptical. However, I had a strange feeling when watching these particular video series, that gut feeling that these series was like nothing I have watched in my research. So, I did what most people don't and will probably never do. I ignored my inner conversation and joined this wonderful online community of like-minded people where everyone is there to help each other to write his or her own story and leave life on their own terms and I cannot be so thankful to those who thought of such an amazing program.

undefinedToday, I am far from writing the end of my story, as there is still a lot to figure out, but I am far better than I used to be. My life has taken a completely different path from the one that I was on, and I believe it is my duty to reach out to whoever may want to or has the time to listen that there is a better life out there, better than the one the society has been teaching us for endless generations. Should you believe what I say? Nope, you can give it a shot and jump out at any time if you feel this is not for you or does not match with your goals.

But, if you feel that this is something that you might want to try out, if you want to write your own story and be the architect of your life, then click here to receive the 7-day video series training that I stumbled upon and gave my life a new beginning. Nothing scary, you would be asked for your name and email, so that the videos series would be sent to your mailbox. You would receive this 7-day video training to help you to determine if this is a path you would like to go down to.

I did not need the 7 days to reach a decision even though the English language is my third language and trust me, you won't either.

Don’t lose your life to conformism, give yourself a chance to leave the life you deserve, by writing your own story and leaving the life you want for your self.

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