Ask A Busy Person

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You may have heard the expression ‘If you want something done, ask a busy person.’ Some people look busy, but may not be achieving much. But there are those people – I am sure you know at least one of them – who have people coming at them from all side and can answer them quickly and despatch them on their way. These people know how to delegate and who to delegate to.

You can bet that behind the speed of their decisions lays a knowledge of planning and appropriate time management. They are not fazed by the pace of the questions coming at them. They know what time to allocate to them. Also, be sure that if the requests coming at them are frivolous or in any way mischievous that won’t get a chance to ask a second time. Though dispatching people must always be handled wherever possible with kindness and grace. 

When you adopt the habit of writing a list every day, you will be training yourself – no, conditioning yourself – to become a better manager of time. Whatever other questions come, you will allocate whatever time doesn’t draw you away from your stated daily aim or your bigger goals. You will have that finger clicking speed to answer the person helpfully or send them politely in another direction. You will be that busy person and will be a doer. This will be noticed, especially by those with the keen eye of an entrepreneur. You will look like their kind of person. That’s where you want to be. The attention you attract and the circles you are drawn towards will significantly contribute to realising your potential.

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