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What is it that you desire most?

Friends, family, and other people ask me how am I doing all that I’m doing?! How did I begin to discover myself and find the will and power to make a move and change the life that I had?! How am I achieving everything that I desire?! Most of them ask “When do you have the time to do all this?”

I smile and reply simply “It’s not complicated really!” The question I ask of you is How bad do you want a change? How bad do you want to do all the things you do? How bad do you want to enjoy the things you do?

Just as we humans operate by laws, like government laws, moral laws, laws of physics, laws of mathematics, this vast universe is governed by its own laws.

Here are the 12 Laws of the universe with a short description.

For now, I will focus on the one that changed my system of beliefs, and my life once I discovered its power, the Law of Attraction.

It all started with a burning desire to search for answers. I had so many questions and no answers. I felt that I have no control over what was going on with me and around me. I was at the mercy of life, powerless to influence it. Little did I know that I was Very Wrong! Some of those questions I had sounded like this.

Is this it?
Is this how my life will be until I die?
Is this all I can do?!
Is this all I can achieve in my lifetime on this planet?
Am I happy?!
Am I fulfilled?!
Can I do more?!
Can I do what I love and want to do?! 

As all this was going through my mind, I started searching the web for answers and stumbled over a book called “The Secret” (click on this LINK and buy your own copy from Amazon).

This was happening 7 years ago. After reading a bit about it, something inside me, that gut feeling we all get called the intuition, prompted me to buy it. I did. 
From the moment I opened it until I finished it, I couldn’t believe that I’ve been on this planet for all these years and completely oblivious to the Law of Attraction. Well of course I was! No one told me about it, no one introduced me to this concept!

You are a Magnet! You attract what you are and what you believe is already yours! What you should also know is that the Law of Attraction works constantly! Either you know about it or not, either you believe in it or not, it’s always working. You can’t pause it, you can’t stop it! So wouldn’t you want to know how you can actually work with it and apply it in your day by day journey?!

The fundamental of the Law of Attraction is that you attract what you are! What you put out there! If you put out hate, the universe will give you more of it! If you put out Love, the universe will give you more of it! If your intention is to be successful and you actually sustain that with the feeling that you are, the universe will give you more of it! If your intention is to find your soul mate and you believe you already found it, even if technically you are still searching, the universe will deliver! On the flip side, if you constantly think about not being sick, you will get sick, the universe will deliver! If you constantly think about something or someone you want to avoid, it will show up in front of you, the universe will deliver! Like the old saying, be careful what you wish for!

I did! And the understanding of my own life changed forever! I was a different person! A better person! A more fulfilled person! Things and events, both good and bad, popped and I was actually recognizing them! Looking back and analyzing what had happened, I now realize that everything that happened, I attracted without me even knowing!

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