Authenticity - Let's cut through the red tape here...

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I would like to ask you straight away if I may be totally honest and authentic here? I may say things that will not be pleasing or a little waky but that way I can get to the crux of the matter sooner!

Authentic when you start - finding your way.


I can recall in the beginning of my marketing I had a very hard time trying to find my voice as it were. To start with I did not really find my target audience. I was terrified of writing a blog post and this video challenge really got me intreagued so I went all in for that thinking I was the bees knees at it!! But who was I really?

Authentic as an intermediate - climbing one step at a time

PHoenix graphic

So you've been doing this a year or two now and some have success beyond belief, yes I have the pleasure of knowing some of them :) so let's not talk about these cases! Authenticity here is hard because I was having ups and downs but did not really want to tell people who may be reading my articles or lord forbid watching my videos. That is authentic, unfortunately life is not just the business side the personal side also makes you a whole. So my advice is to let people in, let them see that in spite of the hell you are going through that you are still hanging inthere - what else is there to do? I recall someone telling me 'life is going to keep happening so you may as well build your future and grow!'

Authentic as an intermediate - the phoenix is rising out of the ashes

phoenix arising

So in my personal case I had a marriage that was on the rocks, and I can hear you saying 'oh yeah, right that's normal no?!' Unfortunately mine got violent. Now here, if you're like me you immediately see women in hospital every week, being kicked... Yours is not at all like that and so I felt like an imposter there too! And anyhow, as I later realised 'I was in denial' most of the time - UNAWARE. So how to be authentic during this time???

During the blueprint - here at the SFM module 2 - we have to do baby steps assignments. I recall one of them was to tidy your desk. A simple task, pain in the butt but simple. This took me 2 months - I just could not do it! Why? Perhaps because my subconscious mind knew that I was not being authentic with my business or myself that this was an impossible task for me. The house got cleaned oh my was it clean! When I had no other room to clean I tackeled the 'office'. When I had finished I was elated and authenticity came to me in a way I had not felt before.

I was able to see more clearly and be open and more honest (how I felt - even if I was not yet aware of my violent situation) in my videos and articles. I had the SFM community by my side, and I was able to blossom, slowly very slowly but it was in fact so very fast! Sometimes whilst I was making my videos I would have these aha moments, great breakthroughs and it's only with hindsight that I can now see how gigantic they were.

Authenticity at the advanced level - the phoenix stats to fly


Being totally aware is a journey, yes the journey of the onion's layers coming off one by one. The authentic me at layer Z can not be the same as layer A. The depth of understanding of yourself and the height from which you look is stupendous. I mean that as you become part of the universe to see from that perspective rather thanliterally hiding under the table is totally different. This does not mean that the authenticity I spoke from being contracted and terrified could not be true, for me it was true and real at that time, but the vision was so small.

Authenticity mastery - serenity, calmness and ease

pheonix flying

As you learn to fly Phoenix style it gets a lot easier, you cover a lot more terrain quicker and you can fly as high as you like! This is my path now and I can be authentic with the violence I lived in, as did my family. But I got the strenght to see it, acknowledge it, feel it and let go of it. To be authentic when you have experts like the lifestyle team, the tech team, the support team, the community and the founders of the company all holding you up is a lot easier to cope with for sure!

Yes I was terrified to leave, in fact most of the time I felt I was dreaming and one of my phrases during that phase was 'OMG I'm doing it!!' And authenticity is a way of life for me a core value so once the acknowledgement is made there is no going back. And this is what the SFM has provided me with, I felt like a safety net as I was walking the tight rope there!

So during your own journey always remain you and talk to your audience the same, just be prepared and know that you WILL change. This is inevitable, you want a different lifestyle, you are going to start doing things you have never done before and you don't even know how to fly ;) (YET).

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